10Aug 2016

We Are On A Break

It’s that time of year again, Summer!  Kids are off school, everything seems to slow down so we have decided to do the same thing.  We are taking a break…. but only for a little while.

We are on a break

Running a business from home has it’s own challenges, now throw some kids and the summer holidays into the mix and you have complete chaos!  During July, we launched our first product, How To Identify Your Ideal Client.  Keen to keep the momentum going, we planned our next wave of products and services to launch.

With quick succession, and within a week, both of us fell ill with the lurgy.  We both came to a grinding halt!  Last week neither of us managed to get a blog done, and as business owners, the guilt and panic set in that we didn’t get done what we should have done.  This added to the stress and panic.

STOP THE BUS… we have talked about self-care before and yet we ignore our own self-care.  So we decided we needed to stop the bus, get off and take a break.  And look after ourselves.

Simple as that, we are going to take the next few weeks off from blogging and content creation and spend time with our families.  So if we go quiet, that is why!

Enjoy the Summer x

Jess & Janine Sig


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