08Mar 2016

5 Ways To Unwind Before Bedtime

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Living in todays world can be overwhelming. We have a constant stream of information from Social Media, TV, Radio and people. Throw in a business and some kids and at the end of the day you can sometimes feel like someone has sucked every last bit of energy from you and your head is spinning.

5 Ways To Unwind Before Bed

5 Ways To Unwind Before Bed

Evening time should be the time we start to slow down and prepare ourselves for a restful nights sleep. So many of us fall into bed at the end of the day without taking time for ourselves to adjust to the change of pace. So r


Sitting down to a warming cup of herbal tea will help get your body and mind into slow down mode. Some great teas for bedtime are Lavender and Lemon Balm (work better together than on their own), Valerian and Chamomile. There are many brands out there that offer various relaxation and bedtime blends.


Our bodies hold onto stress and tension picked up throughout the day. It’s great to get into the daily practice of stretching your body out before bed. This can be a simple set of stretches or you can try and yoga routine . I love this one from Boho Beautiful. I highly recommend it (and her whole channel). It only takes 5 minutes.


Writing in a journal before bed can be a great therapeutic practice. Getting your thoughts and feelings out onto paper can help you sleep better at night. Also writing down a few things you are grateful for is another powerful thing you can do. Practicing gratitude can have a really positive effect on our lives. There is a saying “Where thoughts go, energy flows.”. We can get wrapped up in lots of negative things going on in the world but taking just a few minutes each night to write down what you are grateful for will get you in a positive mindset when you do hit the hay. Here is a great article on the Huffington Post on Gratitude journalling.


Reading before bed can help shut off your mind to the distractions of the outside world. However there is some evidence that e-readers/tablets should be avoided at least 1 hour before bedtime.  So I’m afraid we need to go old school and grab a physical book! Bonus points if it’s inspirational reading.


Meditation is the one thing I would recommend to everybody. The difference it makes to those who have a daily meditation habit makes it one of the most beneficial things I do. Meditation can be different for so many people so find what suits you. It could just be sitting there in silence, it could be doing some affirmations or following a guided meditation. Over the years I’ve collected a large number of meditations that I keep on my phone/iPad so I can choose one that is best suited to that moment. For bedtime I can recommend this one – again from Boho Beautiful. YouTube is a great resource for meditations.

So there are my 5 ways to unwind before bed. Do you have a routine you follow to unwind before bed? Are there any here that you are going to try? Please let us know in the comments.


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  1. I agree with all these! I’ve got out of the habit of having tea and writing a journal, I tend to dip in and out, but the rest I do religiously.


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