17Oct 2014

Using PicMonkey to Create Great Images For Your Biz Part 1: Quote Image

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Using PicMonkey to Create Great Images For Your Biz

PicMonkey is an online image editor and a great tool to create a massive range of things for your business: Logos, business cards, leaflets, flyers, social media contest images, Video Thumbnails, blog post images, Facebook Cover Image, Twitter Background etc.

In this blog post I’m going to run through how I create a really simple image quote that I can then use on Social Media and blog posts. I’ll be covering more things you can create with PicMonkey in the future.

Using PicMonkey to Create Great Images For Your Biz


PicMonkey is one of my most used tools. The free version is great – I have upgraded mine to $5 a month as it’s totally worth it. I suggest you start off with the free version and see how you go.

Image quotes are all over the web. Pinterest has a massive selection- check out some of our FBH ones HERE. Once you know how to create your own then there is no stopping you!

1. Go to www.picmonkey.com

2. On the home screen select the “Edit” button

Pic Monkey 1








3. You’ll then have a screen pop up to select a photo to edit. This can be one of your own photos or one you have downloaded from Shutterstock or my new favourite Dollar Photo Club.

4. Now you are in the main PicMonkey edit screen.

Pic Monkey 2







5. Select the Butterfly/Overlay button and choose any shape you want. I have chosen Geometric and then a circle.

6. Now you can tweak it with the toolbox that has come up. I enlarged my circle, changed the colour of the outline and the fill and then faded it to around 30%. Have a play around.

7. Once I’m happy with my circle I select the Text button. You then have a list of different fonts show up. Enter your text/quote into the text box. Re-position it, change the size, the font until you are happy with it.

Pic Monkey 3







8.  You can keep adding text boxes and having a play around with some of the other features – that’s what’s fun about Pic Monkey!

9. Save your masterpiece and then share!!

Here is what my quote image looked like after. So simple!

Gratitude Quote


Have you used PicMonkey? What types of things have you created?

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  1. Janine

    Jess, you introduced me to PicMonkey and it is the best tool ever! I can’t believe I managed without it! I love the fact you can personalise your images and the fact it is so easy to use is just brilliant! Definitely a tool in my toolkit!


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