21Jul 2015

Using Pic Monkey to Create Great Images For Your Biz Part 2: Business Cards

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In the last Pic Monkey post I showed you how to create a quote image. This time I’m going to show you how you can design your own business cards.

Using Pic Monkey to create Business Cards

Now firstly I want to say that paying for a designer to help you create your brand is worth it’s weight in gold. Our good friend Louisa from Ilona Design can help you out there.

However I know that sometimes the money is just not there or maybe you aren’t quite ready for branding and need something for the interim. If that’s the case then Pic Monkey is your friend!

Using Pic Monkey to Create Business Cards

I needed to create some business cards for myself so I thought I’d go through the process with you.

1. Go to www.picmonkey.com

2. On the home screen select the “Edit” button

Pic Monkey 1

3. You’ll then have a screen pop up to select a photo to edit. Choose your template – I use Moo to create my business cards and they have jpeg templates you can download to create your own template. Click here and choose whichever one you want to use. I chose the Mini Cards.

Pic monkey biz card 1

4. Now you are in the main PicMonkey edit screen. You will see the template in the editor screen. In the basic edits screen I clicked “Canvas Colour” and changed mine to white to give me a blank screen. (Once you have done this remember the “safe area” that was shown on the template as that will not be shown when your cards are printed.

Pic monkey biz card 2

5.  I then clicked the “Overlays Button” which looks like a butterfly. You can then choose images they have installed or upload your own images saved on your computer. This could be your logo, a photo or a picture you have downloaded from a royalty free site. I decided to use a photo of me. So play around and add any images you want.

Pic moneky biz card 3

6. Then I moved onto the text. Click the “Text” (Tt) button and here you will have lots of great fonts to choose from. You will need to do separate sections of text if you want to have different fonts. I used 3. One for my name, one for my details and one for my “Tweet me”. Don’t forget you can change the font colour too. I use this great reference for different colour codes that you can type into the edit box.

Pic monkey biz card 4

7. Once you have created your business card save it in the high quality “Sean”. You can now use this to print. I went over to Moo (<< juicy affiliate link) and chose to upload my own design. You can then either leave the back of your card blank, upload your own pictures or use some Moo designs.

Here is my finished template. I decided to add some stock images to the back that I downloaded from Dollar Photo Club (affiliate link). I’m just waiting for them to be delivered now!!!

JG MiniCard-Landscape-Template

If you have any questions then just let me know in the comments.

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