09Feb 2016

The Zen Of Clarity

The Zen Of Clarity – How Clarity Can Change a Whole Year

Clarity – it’s a wonderful thing.   It’s why I love starting a New Year with new goals and intentions – this year was no exception.  My only mistake I make every year, I want to do all the goal setting, planning, mind mapping online courses I can get my hands on!  This time of year there are always loads of free courses to help you on your way. I am just like Jess, an information junkie!

The Zen of Clarity - Female Business Hub

This year, I did it again, signed up to loads, full of enthusiasm and good intentions.  Mid way through January, nothing!  I was all over the place trying to focus on my intentions, my goals, through several different free online courses.   However, one online course was proving interesting, so I persevered.  It was written by Catherine McManus who has been a guest blogger here on the Female Business Hub.

It was a simple “this 7 day soul-nourishing, introspective online course  will bring to light all the great things you’ve accomplished in 2015… and help you set the stage for a thriving 2016.”  It was day 4 that really stopped me in my tracks.  The topic was “Zen of Clarity” – it was all about clearing space in my overactive mind!

It was all about slowing down to allow the zen of clarity to enter my space.  It worked, I stuck to this online course with the intentions of slowing down, finding my focus, clearing my very busy head space – and the zen of clarity came.

Whilst finishing this online course, Jess’ word of the year [THRIVE] and my world of the year [GRATITUDE] stayed in my mind.  This new clarity has allowed me to make business decisions that will take 2016 to a new level.  So firstly, thank you Catherine at Creatively Designed for your inspiration and giving me some much needed clarity and a calmer mind!

I have also stopped all the other online courses for now to focus on what is important – here are a few zen things that Catherine shared on the last day (not all of them but the ones that are important to me):

  • do one thing at a time
  • do it completely
  • designate time for things
  • meditation and rituals

Clarity – I am grateful for having stuck with this course.

Have you had a zen of clarity this year?  Share your thoughts below?

Live, love and laugh





Janine Beattie - Female Business Hub Co-founder

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