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09Feb 2016

The Zen Of Clarity

The Zen Of Clarity – How Clarity Can Change a Whole Year

Clarity – it’s a wonderful thing.   It’s why I love starting a New Year with new goals and intentions – this year was no exception.  My only mistake I make every year, I want to do all the goal setting, planning, mind mapping online courses I can get my hands on!  This time of year there are always loads of free courses to help you on your way. I am just like Jess, an information junkie!

The Zen of Clarity - Female Business Hub

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09Sep 2014

Jess’ Personal Blog September 2014 – Self Care

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So it’s time for my monthly personal blog. Here we share what has been going on in our lives over the past few weeks. The ups, the downs and the impact it has been having on our businesses.

Lucille Ball Quote

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