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19Jul 2016

Advertising on Facebook – Should You Do It?

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Today we have another guest blog from Claire Fryer who runs One to Three Marketing Solutions. Today she is talking about Facebook Advertising and whether its a good idea for your business.

Should you use facebook advertising?

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19Apr 2016

Social Media Conversation Starters

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I hear so many people (especially those new to Social Media) say they are stuck at what to post on Social Media. I’m not going into strategy in this post – I’ll save that for another. This is just a quickfire list where you can copy/paste or tweak to suit your audience for those times where you just have no clue what to put.

Social Media Conversation Starters

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05Apr 2016

5 Top Tips To Make Facebook Work For Your Business

Facebook, the ever evolving and distracting marketing tool we are all told we need to be on to grow our business?  How can you use Facebook successfully to make it work for your business (and not get distracted)…

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