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17May 2016

Starting A Company ~ Limited Vs Sole Trader (UK)

Starting a company (UK)

Hoorah!  You have made the decision to start your own business.  Now your brain is buzzing with ideas, websites, creative marketing, getting your name out there – selling your products or services.  Your energy and motivation is through the roof right now – this s**t just got real.

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10May 2016

Guest Blog – Lifestyle Liberation And The Dangers Of The Dominant Narrative

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Lifestyle Liberation And the Dangers of the Dominant Narrative

Guest blog by Sarah Clive

Welcome guest blogger Sarah Clive to the Female Business Hub community.  A thought provoking look at lifestyle liberation.

Sarah Clive - Lifestyle Liberation And the Dangers of the Dominant Narrative

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03May 2016

Guest Blog – Embracing The Entrepreneurial Community

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This week’s guest blog is from Lisa Howell.  Lisa talks about embracing the entrepreneurial community and reaching out so you are not alone when you start your business.

Embracing The Entrepreneurial Community

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