16Dec 2014

The Social Media Landscape

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What social media channels are right for my business or start up idea?

Social media has been a buzz word in business for a few years.  Everywhere you turn, the advice is to get your business online and spread your biz love across all the social media channels.

The social media landscape - Female Business Hub

And it’s true; you should get your business online using social media. The gurus will tell you to get on to everything, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and on and on… my brain is fried! How can I possibly understand them all or indeed find the time to be on them all? I personally disagree with this advice and would recommend you stick to what works for your business and for YOU. Unless you are a complete social media geek like Jess and I, stick to what you want. You might not like Twitter or Google+ and it might not be right for your business – and that is okay!

Where do you start? You start with the end in mind. Where is your ideal client hanging out, what is right for your type of business and what are your main social media objectives? You gotta have a plan.

There are over 2 billion active social media users out there and you can reach them.

Once you have decided where you want to focus your energy and time, spend some time learning how your chosen social media channels will work for you.  Check out this awesome infographic which will help you plan.

My final advice, be consistent and invest time! Soon you will be a social media butterfly, taking your business to places you never thought possible – that is the power of social media.

Shaking your social media thang....

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Janine Beattie - Female Business Hub Co-founder

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