09Sep 2014

Jess’ Personal Blog September 2014 – Self Care

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So it’s time for my monthly personal blog. Here we share what has been going on in our lives over the past few weeks. The ups, the downs and the impact it has been having on our businesses.

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It’s been crazy town over here in Jessville. Who decides to launch a new website whilst moving house? Yes that would be me! I’m totally chuffed we finally got the website launched and the love we have received so far has been amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m so excited for the future of FBH and I get to work with my amazing co-founder Janine. We really do bring the best out in each other.

Moving house is never fun, moving house when pregnant – really not fun. We have had to do our move in two stages. Firstly getting everything packed and moved into storage, cleaning and sorting out the old house and then moving into my Mum and Dad’s. We are here for just over a month as our new house isn’t ready just yet. It’s nice spending some more time with my parents but living in a small cottage with them and trying to squeeze myself into my Dad’s office (which is a total unorganised mess) has tested my OCD limits.

I have actually taken these two weeks off as I knew I wouldn’t have much time to dedicate to work. Every night we finish the day exhausted, being pregnant has meant I tire much more easily and I’m getting frustrated at not being able to do as much. I’ve also been pretty emotional this week which I think is a mixture of pregnancy hormones and exhaustion. I know that I really really need some time out right now.

Luckily we handed over the keys to our old house today- so that’s part one done and dusted. Tomorrow we are going on our family holiday to Norfolk. It could not have come at a better time. Time to relax, spend time with my loved ones and catch up on some reading. I’m going to switch off from work completely. I originally had planned to “check in” with work and possibly write a few blog posts etc. But this week has shown me I need to totally disconnect and concentrate on me. Some serious self care is needed. It is so important to do that. Before we know it we get ourselves into such a burn out or emotional wreck it can take us ages to get back on an even keel. Normally I’m pretty good at keeping myself “topped up” with self care but this week with the move I haven’t meditated once or even sat down and eaten a nice healthy home cooked meal. It’s been full of corner shop sandwiches and toast.

So tomorrow I’ll start again with my favourite meditations at the moment – Connie Chapman’s Guided Meditations for Inner Transformations. They are simply wonderful and I know Janine went and downloaded them after I raved about them!

So that’s pretty much my update at the moment. If you want to also follow my pregnancy vlogs you can find them on my personal blog HERE.

Can you relate to how I’m feeling? Do you recognise when it’s all been a bit much? How do you turn it around and get yourself back into a good place?

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