15Jul 2015

Relax And Rejuvenate – You Deserve It

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So that is exactly what I did, I went on a Ayurveda Retreat with Kundalini Yoga to relax and rejuvenate! I have never considered a yoga retreat and so many people I have spoken to over the last couple of weeks have all been raving about how they have wanted to go on one… I didn’t realise it, but it’s been on my bucket list without me knowing it.

Relax and rejuvenate - Ayurvedic Yoga Retreat in Gower Swansea

So off I went! My good friend Louisa from Ilona Designs came along and we experienced the most magical 4 days and 3 nights at the beautiful Brynoch Farm in Gower, Swansea otherwise known as Seren Retreat.

Firstly what is Ayurveda, I hear you ask?  Taken from Seren Retreat’s website:

“Ayurveda is a 5000 year old tradition from India and translates as the ‘knowledge or science of life’. It is a comprehensive system of natural medicine based on the innate wisdom of nature. It shows us how the life-force functions everywhere in creation through the energy of the five elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. Ayurveda is a simple and time tested approach which can show us how to rediscover a natural state of inner balance and radiant health in our body, mind and spirit. The key aspects of Ayurveda are bodywork, yoga & meditation, and lifestyle/nutritional counselling.”

Louisa and I arrived on Monday to a warm welcome from Alaea who showed us to our rooms and talked about the next few days. Already I was feeling relaxed and calm, snesing we were in a magical place. We were invited to join Alaea’s husband Rex for his regular Monday Kundalini Yoga class. His regular Monday class is all men… surrounded by 5 Welsh men, we joined in an amazing class full of energy. She delivered a fabulous fresh home cooked meal to our room and allowed us to enjoy our meal without having the chit chat. The food was simply delicious. Picked off the farm and freshly prepared it was a taste full of goodness and vitality!

Between Louisa and I, we alternated therapies so Tuesday for me started with a Ayurvedic massage with Alaea. We spent a lot of time discussing my lifestyle and established my energy was Fire and my individual constitution (Dosha) was Vata/Pitta.

Dosha meaning: (in Ayurvedic medicine) each of three energies believed to circulate in the body and govern physiological activity, their differing proportions determining individual temperament and physical constitution and (when unbalanced) causing a disposition to particular physical and mental disorders.

This meant my Ayurvedic massage was tailored to my energy and Dosha, which helped rejuvenate and relax. Following this amazing massage, we once again ate some good food. I then went into the infra red sauna which allowed all the wonderful oils Alaea had used to soak into my skin. That evening we had more Kundalini Yoga and wholesome food.

Wednesday I was in the hands of Rex who did Polarity Therapy.

“Polarity Therapy is a system of energy-balancing involving bodywork, counselling, therapeutic exercise and nutrition. It is based on the work of Dr. Randolph Stone who integrated his work as a naturopath, osteopath and chiropractor with the Eastern concepts of energy-flow in the Ayurvedic system of India, as well as the Chinese and Egyptian Hermetic systems.”

After establishing my pain points in my back and hips, Rex worked some magic to fix all the blocks and restore my body to a good place. I took a little walk after our session and, standing bare foot in the grass for a while, I burst out crying. Emotional tears of something that had been released. Not sadness, I hasten to add, just tears that needed to come out like a wave of release.

During the 4 days we were on the farm, when we weren’t eating the amazing food, having therapy sessions or doing kundalini yoga, Louisa and I read, talked, sat silent, enjoyed the woodlands, the beaches and the wildlife (including Louisa’s favourite pygmy goats – Daisy and Bluebell!). Pure bliss!

I came away with a clear mind, refreshed body and armed with a huge amount of information Alaea had given me to ensure I lead the lifestyle that works best for my body and my mind. I had no phone signal which meant not a soul could get hold of me, which was amazing! Overall an amazing experience, my only sadness was I missed my babies, but we were soon reunited!

My advice to you: take a retreat. Yoga, walking or just being you for a day – do it, it really does help clear your head, focus on what matters and ground you.

Enjoy some pictures of our adventures…. Thank you Alaea and Rex for your hospitality and love… see you soon!

Live, love and laugh (and do more yoga)





Janine Beattie - Female Business Hub Co-founder

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  1. Such an amazing experience! What a pleasure it was to go with you, Janine. Big love xxx

  2. Hey Janine, it’s nice to hear that you went for a retreat and were able to experience more clarity in your life. I feel I too should do the same. I have read a little bit about Ayurveda on SSRF. Here I found out that Ayurveda works at the subtlest level and has no side effects like modern day allopathic medicine. What do you feel about it? Here is what I was reading


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