16Sep 2014

How is Your Personal Brand?

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How is Your Personal Brand?

When you are employed by someone else it is your job to make your boss look good. When you work for yourself, you have to make you look good! When you run your own business people buy from ‘you’. So your personal brand is even more important?

How is Your Personal Brand?

Jeff Brezos- founder of Amazon said:

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room” 

What do you want people to say and think about you and your company? Think about it and write down those traits. Spend a bit of time doing it, brainstorm ideas. Research those traits, what do they mean? Ask family, friends and clients what their perception of each is. Or maybe use a tool like Survey Monkey to find out.

Below is an example you might go through in a brainstorming session. You can always amend the headings to suit you:

Friendly, Innovative, Unique.

Approachable, Expansive, Responsible.

Future, Growth, Relationships.

To work with
Collaborative, Flexible, Worth-the-expense.

Evolutionary, Fun.

Contemporary, Exciting.

Once you have thought about how you want you and your business to be perceived, you then need to exhibit those behaviours. And it’s not just when you are face to face with someone either. Here are some of the key areas to make sure you “Brand You”:

  • Telephone conversations
  • Email correspondence
  • Your website
  • Business cards, leaflets etc
  • All of your Social Media platforms you use
  • Your style and appearance

As with most businesses you will have competitors, there will always be someone who offers a product or service like yours. But there is only one of you! Harness that, use it to your advantage. Be your own USP.

Have you ever watched BBC’s Dragon’s Den? Peter Jones has been known on a number of occasions to not like a product but has been really sold on the person, so invests in them alone. Those people were brilliant at branding themselves.

In life we meet lots of different people, running different businesses. They may not remember your particular business but if your personal brand is good enough they might remember you. And the next time they have a conversation with someone needing a Virtual Assistant/Plumber/Web Designer/Decorator you might be the very person that pops into their head.

So I’ll leave you with this…

Will people remember you? And in the way you want them to?

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