08Sep 2015

My Top Apps for Female Entrepreneurs

My iPhone 6 is such a key business tool for me. I’ve used so many Apps over the past few years as an iPhone user and I wanted to get down some of my favourites. I’m not going to include the Social Media Apps here but they definitely are my most used.

NB: I’m an iPhone user so these are all in the app store but I’m sure a lot of these are available on other devices so definitely check them out.

My Top Apps for Female Entrepreneurs

My Top Apps for Female Entrepreneurs

1. Asana: Asana is the ultimate task management tool. Back in my Project Management and VA days I was a pretty big user of Asana. Then I forgot all about it. I started using it again about 18 months ago and it’s brilliant. They’ve made a lot of updates and it really is one of the most important tools I use.

Essentially I’ve created a hub with a personal desktop; one for my business and one for FBH. The FBH hub is how Janine and I organise our workload. It enables us to work effectively together while being virtual. Janine has since become a massive Asana fan. I use the desktop version and the app.

I plan to write a blog post about Asana and how exactly we use it for FBH in the near future.

2. Evernote: Evernote is a powerful note taking application that makes it easy to capture ideas, images, contacts, and anything else you need to remember. I use it to track and order my receipts (then get rid of the physical one to be paperless). I keep track of articles I find on the web, bookmarks, images. I have different notebooks and “stacks” to keep them organised. I’m not going into the details here but check out this post on Lifehack which explains it in much better detail.

3. Downcast: A while ago I got so fed up with the clunky and crash-prone iTunes podcast app that I searched for an alternative. I found Downcast and haven’t looked back. It’s a simple, bug free and clean interface. I’m a big Podcast listener. I’m trying to make the most of my time so when I’m doing something like putting my makeup on in the morning, walking the dog or cooking dinner I’ll listen to Podcasts. I’m getting in some development time as well as getting a job done.

4. Hootsuite: I use Hootsuite for all my Social Media scheduling and having the App on my phone means I can do some on the go. As a rule I tend to do it via the desktop version but having access to the App is really useful.

5. aNote: Awesome Note is an innovative note taking application and to-do manager that allow you to combine notes with to-do flexibility.

I love this App. I’m a list person and having a well-built app that integrates with my calendar, Google Drive and Evernote is something i’ve been searching for. I’ve used a lot of different applications but so far this one is the best. There is a free version but I splashed out £2.49 on the paid version 🙂

Here is a great review on aNote which explains a few more of the features.

6. BlogPad Pro: One of my most recent purchases. It cost £3.99 but it is so worth it. I can manage all of my blogs via this iPad app. It’s a clean and simple interface and easy to get around. It’s opened up a whole new world of blogging on the go for me. Like I’ve mentioned before I try to use my time as best I can. With this app I can blog on a car journey (as a passenger obviously!) or whenever the moment takes me – without firing up the Mac.

So that’s my list … For now. I’m sure a few more will be added soon!


What are your top apps? Let me know in the comments.

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