12Jan 2017

Jess’ Word of the Year and Goals for 2017

A brand shiny New Year. Like we’ve done for the past few years we wanted to share our word of the year and our goals with you.

If you want to see what my word of the year was for 2016 then you can check it out over here.

word of the year

New Year, New Beginnings

So 2016 is over and I’m looking forward to this fresh new year! I talk a little about how 2016 was for me and also reviewed my 2016 goals in my last blog post here.

Setting a word for the year is pretty popular now. I started it a few years back and I highly recommend it. It helps meal set my intention for the year. I put together a vision board based around it and try to incorporate it in my daily life. It helps me set my goals, with decision making and gives me direction.

Talking about vision boards…. I’m still working on mine. I’ve been doing a paper based one but I’m toying with this idea from Rachel Luna. Definitely check it out. Once I’ve sorted my sh*t out done it I’ll make sure to blog about it.

My Word for 2017

My word for 2017 is Transformation.

1. a marked change in form, nature, or appearance.


This word has been sitting with me since September 2016. Transformation in my health, relationships and business. I have set my goals with my word in mind and I’m ready to get cracking!

Health – A top priority. I want to lose 4 stone. In 2018 I plan to be pregnant again so I need to focus on me and my health this year. Not just weight loss but fitness.

Relationships – You know how it is. After 9 years and especially kids sometimes relationships can suffer. So I want to really focus on my relationship with Phil and also friendships. In addition Guinevere will be 2 this weekend (how?!) so she is in full blown toddler mode. I want to focus on my relationship as a mother and do lots of fun, creative and enriching things with her.

Business – So 2016 was a pretty quiet year for FBH as some other things had to take priority for both of us. But 2017 we want to focus on creating valuable content for our readers and really building our community of awesome Boss Mums. Janine and I have some more FBH specific goals and I think maybe we could write a separate post on that. Watch this space!

Goals for 2017

  1. Monthly date night – we did this in 2016 and it’s something we want to keep going
  2. Lose 4 stone – I lost 2 stone in 2016 and now I need to ramp it up!
  3. Swim 1 mile without stopping – I used to be a competitive swimmer when I was younger and I’d love to get back to my old fitness level. Starting with this mini goal.
  4. Read/listen at least 1 book per month – ideally books I already own!
  5. Take part in a 5K race
  6. Pay £1000 off of debts
  7. 2 x spa days/stay
  8. 2 x family holidays
  9. Grow my YouTube channel to 1000 subscribers
  10. Launch FBH product
  11. Get more advanced in using iMovie

So what is your word for 2017? How do you want to feel in 2017?


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  1. Hello Jesse, I appreciate for your 2017 goal. It’s really good to live fit and fine. I absorbed that some of the people are still not so conscious about their health, especially pregnant women. I too think that before pregnancy you should be healthy and physically strong. In that way you can handle the entire situation easily. Thanks for such great blog…

  2. Your goals this year is very interesting and hope you’ll able to achieve it!
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