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Jess’ Personal Blog November 2016

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Happy Wednesday Hublets. Time for a quick personal blog from me. I can’t believe we are almost in December!

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Jess’ Personal Blog November 2016

Things have been a bit slow round here with FBH. Both Janine and I have struggled with time and  have not really got as much done as we would have liked. I’ve had childcare issues and also work in my personal business has taken up a lot of time the past month. We did however meet up for a strategy session and started planning out our 2017.

We wind down in December so I only have one goal for this month and that is to enjoy my family. Guinevere is almost 2 and this year she is going to enjoy Christmas so much more. I’m like a big kid at Christmas too and I’ve got lots of activities and traditions to do.

Just a quick review of my November goals:

  1. Get the draft for our new product drawn out and agree on the name – nope. Although we have an idea on the name. We will pick this up in January with fresh eyes!
  2. Look into our SEO and web traffic – something is not right! – we are going to be trying to find someone who can maybe do an audt for us and make recommendations. If you know anyone then let us know!
  3. Workout at least 3 times a week – yes pretty much apart from when I was poorly. My weight loss has been going well. Lost 21lbs so far.
  4. Read 1 development book – does Harry Potter count?
  5. Declutter my bedroom – yes! Got rid of lots!

So that’s it from me for this month. We will be doing a end of year blog with personal blogs from both of us and also our fave blogs from the year. So until next time!

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