29Jun 2016

Jess’ Personal Blog – June 2016

Happy Wednesday hublets! Time for me to reflect on what’s happened this month and set some goals for July. Here is my Personal Blog for June.

Personal Blog June 2016 female business owner

Jess’ Personal Blog June

June has been such a productive month. Janine and I worked hard on getting our first freebie out there and you can now sign up for our Free Ideal Client Course.

We need to keep the momentum going and keep creating. So watch this space!

I’m a big fan of Podcasts and one of my new finds this month is Venture Shorts with Molly Marie. Go check it out.


So lets have a look how I did with my June goals:

  1. Read 1 fiction book and 1 development/educational book – Yep I read Passenger 23 by Sebastian Fitzek (highly recommend). Development book I am reading Girl Code by Cara Alwill Leyba (those are affiliate links).
  2. Try 3 new recipes – I tried lots of new recipes in June. I made Creamy Polenta with Mushrooms & Crispy Kale and Mexican Quinoa Bowl – both from the Deliciously Ella Cookbook (which is becoming a favourite). I also made Vegan Sushi many times this month! Love it!
  3. Declutter my kitchen – I have way too much tuppaware going on! – No didn’t get round to this.
  4. Complete our Marketing Calendar for FBH – We finally filled it in but we need to continue with it each month.
  5. Research how to increase website traffic. We’ve seen a dip in ours and we need to try and identify why. – Yes I’ve done a bit of research and Janine and I have a session next week to run through some of it. We will take our key learnings and male sure to generate some blog posts.


  1. Increase my knowledge on Facebook advertising. I’ve got a pretty good understanding but I want to develop it further.
  2. Decide the next 2 products we are working on.
  3. Meet with potential childminders – I am hoping Guinevere can go to a childminder 1 day a week which will give me some much needed time to work on the business.
  4. Complete our quarterly review for the Female Business Hub
  5. Promote our Ideal Client Freebie to increase our email list numbers
  6. Try bullet journaling (see video below).

What are some of your goals for July?

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