15Jan 2016

Janine’s Word of the Year and Goals for 2016

Janine’s Word of the Year and Goals for 2016

The start of a New Year, always a time of reflection on the year past, but more importantly, looking ahead. Goal setting and learning from the last 12 months of the journey.

If you want to see what our word(s) of the year were for 2015 then you can check it out over here.

Janine Word of the Year and Goals for 2016

I thought I would follow Jess’ blog style from her words for 2016.  2016 started with my word of the year – ROLLER COASTER.   And boy did it deliver!  All my personal blogs can be found here, reading through them and my “good news” jar reminded me that it was an awesome year, we did some amazing things I didn’t fully appreciate.   Which led me to my word for 2016 – Gratitude.  It was the toughest financial year I have had, but we made it.

I had a year to reflect inward and learnt how to be mindful and grateful for everything I have and what I achieved over the years of being self employed.

Last year I journaled – the whole year!  And I mapped out my Core Desired Feelings (CDF) from Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map Planner.  Having achieved so many of my CDF’s, I can honestly say 2016 is going to be bigger and better!  While being truly grateful along the way.


Goals for 2016.

  1. nourish – nourish my body, mind and soul with good food, lots of water, read good books and plenty of exercise
  2. creative – blog more frequently, launch loads of cool stuff on the Female Business Hub,  journal, develop my own personal brand and develop my business in a creative way
  3. love  – love for my family and friends and self love
  4. adventures – continue walking, loving, travelling and doing crazy stuff
  5. freedom – the financial freedom to make choices, time freedom to make choices
  6. compassion – continue volunteering at The Ley Community and supporting Passionate Pink!  2 charities dear to my heart
  7. gratitude – gratitude for everything I have in my life, everything I have achieved and everything I will achieve – EVERYDAY
  8. happiness  – happiness is a choice I make and I choose happiness – EVERYDAY
  9. family – my world – my family and friends, be here for them and support them in every way
  10. success  – becoming successful in business and knowing what that looks like

Quite broad but each one signifies something to me – each one is about how it makes me feel.   Whilst continuing to be grateful  for everything.

My mantra for 2016

So what is your word for 2016? If you want some help choosing one you can visit the OneWord365.com website.





Janine Beattie - Female Business Hub Co-founder

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