24Jan 2017

Janine’s Word of the Year and Goals 2017

The start of a New Year, 2017.  A time of reflection on the year past, but more importantly, looking ahead. Goal setting and learning from the last 12 months of the journey.

If you want to see what my word of the year was for 2016 then you can check it out over here.


Firstly let me reflect on 2016.  My word of the year was GRATITUDE.  Never in a million years did I expect that one word to mean so much to me.  I practiced gratitude daily but over the last few months working as a part-time care worker, I realised just how much that word means.  Just how grateful and appreciative people are – and how genuine that gratitude is and of course how that made me feel.  Helping people who are genuinely grateful for you totally feeds my soul. 

Gratitude will continue as it is now a daily ritual.  My word for 2017 has sat with me for a few months, bubbling and brewing and I couldn’t figure out what it meant, but it felt right.   2017 is all about TRANSFORMATION.

“An act, process, or instance of transforming or being transformed” 

When I mentioned it to Jess a couple of weeks ago, we were both blown away as we had the same word!  Not only that but I had painted a picture of a tree and butterfly back in August 2016 and written the word across the image.

Transformation for me is about the act of consciously changing and altering things in my life for the better.  I want to nurture and grow and continue to feed my soul both in my part time work and over here at the Female Business Hub.  This requires changes – both physically (wellbeing), emotionally (looking after me) and spiritually (grounding and becoming more aligned to my spiritual side) – these are all lifestyle changes and come in the form of eating healthy, getting more sleep, exercise and of course all round self-care whilst ensuring I have a successful business year.

I am totally in love with Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning and I want to use his 6 habits as my goals for 2017 to help with the transformation.   Hal calls them SAVERS.  (silence, affirmations, visualisation, exercise, reading and scribing).  I want these 6 habits to be part of my daily ritual and goals for 2017.

My goals for 2017:

Silence – daily meditation
Affirmations – regular affirmations, those that really resonate with me
Visualisation – I have finished my vision board for 2017, to use it daily
Exercise – regular exercise, and continue my walking and yoga
Reading – this is a big one for me.  I bought so many amazing books last year and never finished one!  Again, making this a daily habit all underpinning my transformation – learning and growth.
Scribing – journaling every day.  I did this successfully in 2015 but the later part of 2016 I couldn’t find the words and didn’t make the time.

And that is my 2017 set for transformation.  Daily habits and rituals to make this the most successful year for both myself and Jess and the Female Business Hub.

Here is to a transformational 2017.

Live, love and laugh



Janine Beattie - Female Business Hub Co-founder

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