31May 2016

Janine’s Personal Blog May 2016

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Happy Tuesday Hublets!  It’s the end of the month and time for reflection on the month just passed and to set my intentions for June, so here is my personal blog for May 2016.

Janine's personal blog may 2016

Janine’s Personal Blog May 2016

May began with a relatively clear diary, giving me time to focus on the Female Business Hub and my own stuff.  I knew we were heading into Mercury Retrograde (you can read more here), battened down the hatches and prepared to ride the storm.   And one hell of a storm it was!

We had an apprehensive household as Daniel prepared for his exams (UK SATs).  Abi’s tablet broke, with all her A Level course work and I struggled through the month with a very foggy head.  I have felt drained and exhausted all month with very little motivation.  It is one of the worst Retrogrades I can remember – it has been a low month.

This is the acceptance of being self-employed – no two months are the same.  On a positive note, I ended the month by becoming a Certified mBIT Coach.  I spent four wonderful days in the company of a group of inspiring women and learned all about mBraining.  If you want to know more about mBraining, take a look at their website here.   In a nutshell, mBraining is the way we use our multiple brains – head, heart and gut.  mBIT (multiple brain integration techniques) is a suite of practical techniques for communicating with, aligning and harnessing the intelligence of your multiple brains – with some science to back it all up.  Totally fascinating stuff and I am so excited to be a Certified Coach in a very new field of coaching.  Now to work on how I can integrate this into my business.

Overall a tough month, but it ended on a positive, so I am carrying that into June.  A huge amount of work needs to be done at FBH HQ, but the fog has cleared so time to jump straight in.

A reflection on May madness:

  1. Mindfulness and gratitude every day (signed up for Laura J Novak’s Light Your Chakra’s 8-week course to help me along)  TICK, 4 weeks into Laura’s course and loving it.  Whilst practising mindfulness and gratitude every day 
  2. Continue training for the 3 Peaks Challenge TICK 
  3. FBH affiliate and marketing strategy moved to June for Jess and I to work on together
  4. Finalise what Janine Beattie.com will be  work in progress – some major changes this month which will alter this…. added to next month 
  5. Start eating healthier   TICK – doesn’t eating healthier make a big difference? 
  6. Surround myself with people who feed my soul   TICK – hell yes!  Totally did this and already I feel better for it!

So here are June’s goals:

  1. Mindfulness and gratitude every day
  2. Continue training for the 3 Peaks Challenge
  3. FBH affiliate and marketing calendar
  4. Finish reading a book (I have several on the go and never seem to finish one)
  5. Have a giant spring clean
  6. Finalise what Janine Beattie.com will be

One thing that is becoming more appranent as I have been doing a monthly personal blog for nearly 2 years, is to learn from them.  It has been a tough month, lots have gone on and I have learnt not to be too hard on myself.   And the importance of self care!

What are your goals for June?

Live, love and laugh


Janine Beattie - Female Business Hub Co-founder

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