30Mar 2017

Janine’s Personal Blog – March 2017

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Welcome Hublets! It’s time for reflection on the month just gone and to set my intentions for April, so here is my personal blog for March 2017.

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Janine’s Personal Blog – March 2017

Today as I write this blog, the sun is shining, the windows are open and there is a cool breeze floating in…. Spring is here.  One of my favourtite season, I love how everything springs to life, colours change and everything just feels different.  This month was no exception.

Meal plannerI began March by starting one of last month’s goals – nailing meal planning and some lifestyle changes.  Mostly as I was in preparation for doing my Reiki One – First Degree (Shoden) on the 9th March and wanted to ensure we were all eating well, detoxing and cutting out sugar. Planning is key as a busy working Mum so I ordered a magnetic calendar board weekly meal planner from Amazon, I got all my favourite recipe books out and got creative whilst involving Abi and Daniel.  Being a visual person, this small tool helped me out hugely!

On the 9th March, I embarked on my Reiki One First Degree course. Incredible, powerful, transforming, enlightening, calming and something I am very grateful I had the opportunity to do.  If you have ever had Reiki or studied it, you will know the first month afterwards is full of unknowns – this has been no exception for me.  The last few week’s my Mother’s presence has been very heavily felt and some huge energy shifts have occurred.  I haven’t figured it all out yet so I will need to update you in April.  It is definitely a journey!

March continued to race the past.  After Abi turned 18 last month she was on the hunt for a car.  After a very challenging few weeks of trying to find a car, getting a car, it breaking down dead and trying to get her money back, we eventually found one.  Ian and I went to pick it up without telling her, so to say she was a little surprised was an understatement.  Finally a happy Abi with her independence in her new little Vauxhall Corsa.  The below video was captured after I had sent a tweet about her new car (please excuse her language!!)

So, the sun is still shining, April is nearly upon us and the journey continues.  My overall goals for 2017 are now forming part of my everyday routine:

  • Silence
  • Affirmations
  • Visualisation
  • Exercise
  • Reading
  • Scribing

However, my specific goals for April are (some have rolled over from March):

  • Nail our affiliate plan
  • Organise a retreat with Jess – some FBH / Jess / Janine time
  • Start writing our first e-book
  • Get my personal blogging back on track and wrap up my accounts
  • Update my website and LinkedIn profile and all my personal social media channels

How was your March?  Share in the comments box below.

Live, love and laugh (and enjoy the sunshine)


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