24Jun 2016

Janine’s Personal Blog June 2016

Happy Friday Hublets!  It’s the end of the month and time for reflection on the month just passed and to set my intentions for July, so here is my personal blog for June 2016.

Janines Personal Blog June 2016

Janine’s Personal Blog June 2016

Well June was a wet month!  It seemed to fly by.  I work from home and have spent a fair bit of the month at home and not being out and about as much.  Which has been great for productivity but tough on motivation!  I have worked from home for over 8 years now, so I am very good at being diligent and not getting distracted.  I seemed more easily distracted this month, I think because I have not been out having the usual 121’s or client meetings.  I am going through a transition in my own business and I have felt the need to be on my own to reflect, revisit, and review.

What has helped me this month is Laura J Novak’s Light Your Chakra’s course – 7 MP3’s for meditation for all the Chakra’s.   Meditation has been a big thing for me this month, it has totally helped me keep congruent and present.

Jess and I worked through our first free product launch for the Female Business Hub.  That was an interesting process.  We set up a project in Asana (awesome online collaboration tool we use here at FBH HQ) for the new freebie and we worked through our respective tasks like ninja’s and we are ready to launch on Monday 27th June.  Very excited, very nervous but wow what fun!  And finally, a product to help our audience.  Watch out for the launch blog on Monday – a free email course on how to identify your ideal client.

Home front is good, I have been working with Abi and Daniel to get them through the last month of exams, preparation for new transitions and of course the end of an academic year.

A reflection on June’s madness:

  1. Mindfulness and gratitude every day TICK
  2. Continue training for the 3 Peaks Challenge TICK 
  3. FBH affiliate and marketing calendar TICK – we have made some good progress here – watch out for some amazing products we can’t wait to share. 
  4. Finish reading a book (I have several on the go and never seem to finish one)  aaaarrrgggg, can’t seem to do this.  I am still reading too many, I need to devote my time to just ONE!
  5. Have a giant spring clean TICK – doesn’t a good spring clean feel amazing!
  6. Finalise what Janine Beattie.com will be Still work in progress, I have hits some blocks!

Goals for July:

  1. Mindfulness and gratitude every day
  2. Establish our FBH Affiliate program
  3. Launch our first free product (email series)
  4. Plan our next product launch
  5. Personal development
  6. Work from a coffee shop a couple of times in the month
  7. Finish reading a book
  8. Finalise what Janine Beattie.com will be

What are your goals for July?  Feel free to comment below.

Live, love and laugh


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  1. Mary Elizabeth Babcock

    I too loved Laura J Novak’s Chakra e-course. It is material that could be so overwhelming but Laura breaks it down in such an approachable, fun and understanding manner! Well worth the cost!


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