01Feb 2017

How to Write Online Content that Earns You Money

Plenty of writers can crank out a GOOD post for their website, one that readers will enjoy and proceed to forget about completely.

How to write content online that earns you money

How to Write Online Content that Earns You Money

What you need to do is learn how to create GREAT content that people can’t wait to share with their friends and enemies on its way to social media Viral-land. What’s the difference between good and great? There’s no denying that the latter is often the result of a genius writer, but those are few and far between. More likely, it’s the combination of a clever topic and a little bit of knowledge about Internet reading habits.

The Basics of Brilliance

Don’t worry about what to write in a blog post until you take care of foundational issues. Here are a few suggestions that will help catapult you out of the “click away in less than three seconds” crowd and into the upper echelon that might get read all the way through to the end.

Start Hard: If you don’t hook them with a riveting first sentence, sayonara. Ask a thought-provoking question, provide a ridiculous statistic, or tell a story. Whatever you do, don’t bore them. Bored readers click away never to return.

Write Short: Short sentences and precise words should be your stock in trade. Your mission is to create a compelling image in a reader’s head. Cut out vague, wandering information that is appealing to exactly no one.

Take the Contrarian View: For interest’s sake, write against the grain. It’s easy to write 20 Great Reasons to Be a Freelancer, and it’s been done about a million times already. Why not take the angle 20 Reasons Freelancing is the Worst Job in the World. See what we did there? People may hate you and think you’re an idiot, but they’ll read it.

Get Out Fast: We’re not writing a high school essay here. We’re trying to create blogs that turn into engagement posts that motivate people to take some sort of action that benefits your bottom line. A call to action works nicely. Don’t waste time re-stating or summarizing your points. That’s boring. Boring doesn’t make money unless you’re Wal-Mart. Tell readers what you want them to do next. Often that means cough up their email address in return for some wondrous prize you’ve concocted.

Be a Proofreader

If you don’t take the time to review your content before publishing you might as well turn off your computer right now and go stand in the corner because you’re a bad entrepreneur. Nothing kills credibility faster than typos, bad grammar, and spelling mistakes. What do you need to make people trust you and pull out their credit card time and time again? Credibility! If you will not take the few minutes needed to proof every single piece of writing you do before posting it, you don’t deserve to be rich and famous. It’s not that hard.

Invest in Technology: It’s amazing how smart proofreading software like Grammarly or Whitesmoke has become at checking your grammar, spelling, and style. For anyone who cranks out content consistently, consider one of these (or something similar) an indispensable tool. It’s like having a brutal English teacher looking over your shoulder, pointing out every miscue.

More Eyes: Grammar-checking software might run you anywhere from $10 to $30 monthly. It’s understandable if that’s too rich an investment in quality for your budget, but it doesn’t get you off the hook for proofreading. The next best choice is to have someone else look over the content. Any literate human will do: business partner, significant other, next door neighbor, or just an English major college kid who is happy to do it for beer money.

Self-Editing: The last choice is to self-edit your work. This is skill is difficult, maybe impossible, for some people to acquire. The only way to get better at it is to focus – really focus – for the few minutes it takes to read through a piece of content for mistakes. Reading it aloud is a good idea. You’ll quickly find out where those awkward phrasings are hiding.

When you’re looking to post content that positively impacts the bottom line, your number one goal is to make it informative, entertaining, and easy to read. Your further task is to create something that inspires a certain percentage of readers to make it through the whole thing to the end where you ask them to take action. Do that consistently and you will find your business growing and a trickle of profit (hopefully) turning into a flood.

caroline_headshotAuthor bio: Caroline Bird is an Australia-based writer and holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration. She writes for Elite Editing, the most trusted English-language academic editing service in Australia.



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