27Jun 2016

How To Identify Your Ideal Client – Free Email Course

Do you know what your ideal client looks like?  Why is it important?  Well at FBH we believe it is important.  Here is our story and how it helped the Female Business Hub. It helped us so much we decided to launch a FREE 4-day email course to help you do the same thing.

How To Identify Your Ideal client

How To Identify Your Ideal Client?

The Female Business Hub was born nearly 3 years ago (Wow, I know right?!).   We set the Hub up to help other female business owners and wannabe business owners get time and financial freedom.  We cast the net wide, we blogged and tried to speak to every female on the planet.  EVERY female.  Our messages were long, full of jargon and implied our audience knew exactly what mumbojumbo we were talking about.

We got it wrong.

We didn’t know our audience – our ideal client.  We recognised we got it wrong so we sat down at the beginning of this year to NAIL it.   We went through a long process of figuring out who “she” was.  Where she hung out and exactly what she looked like.  And ELLIE was born.  Our ideal client.  We knew exactly who she was. Most importantly, she was a Mum – just like us.

The next palpable shift was our branding and marketing.  We immediately began to relate to our ideal client – as we are both Mum’s we started talking like Mum’s.   We also found our true authentic selves and connected deeper with our tribe.

The Female Business Hub is a community of information, support and a place for you to learn how to set up your own business and grow your own business.  So we decided to share our journey of identifying our ideal client in our FREE email course which is being launched today (27th June 2016).

Since starting our own businesses several years ago, we’ve discovered that one important thing (and has always been taught, shared and reaffirmed by all the marketing greats) is to identify your ideal client.

Lewis Howes Audience Quote Ideal ClientThis free email course will explain:

  • why it is important
  • the benefits of identifying your ideal client
  • how to identify your ideal client
  • what you need to do

Do you run your own business or are looking to start a business?

  • Are you struggling with your marketing message and social media campaigns?
  • Yet to convert a sale?
  • Working with clients who don’t feed your soul?

Stuck? And trying to juggle Mum life with business – so time is precious?

We have just the thing?  Learn from our mistakes and take our FREE Ideal Client Email Course which you can fit around your family life and complete at your own pace.

A step by step guide to identifying your ideal client and creating the person YOU want to work with.

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify your ideal client – even name her
  • Understand why identifying your ideal client is important
  • The benefits of knowing your ideal client
  • Avoid the common and costly mistakes we made

Sign up for our free course so you can take the first step to becoming the CEO of your life and business.

You are the CEO of your world – go and be unstoppable!  We’ve got your back!

Reach out to us any time if you need help or support.  Either via our Closed Facebook group or drop us an email hello@femalebusinesshub.com

Much love xo

Jess & Janine Sig


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