16Sep 2016

Guest Blog – Work-life Balance Tips For Freelancers

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Today we have a guest blog from Astrid Rhea who discusses the all-important topic of work-life balance we all want in our lives.

Work-life Balance Tips For Freelancers

Work-life balance tips for freelancers

Did you know that job-related stress is one of the major sources of health issues in America? In fact, research released by The American Institute of Stress revealed that the problem has escalated over the past few decades, so much so that stress has been linked to many health scares including hypertension and heart attack.

It doesn’t matter what line of work you’re in, everyone is prone to stress, even freelancers. While many consider being a freelancer steady work, it can be very difficult, especially when pressures at home impact work. The solution is to find a work-life balance. But, how is this possible? Read on below to find out how you can ensure you get work done while also getting enough time to relax.

Get some R&R
The best way to combat stress is by finding enough time to get some rest and relaxation. Take some time away from your daily schedule to reflect and relax by engaging in breathing exercises. These breathing exercises can help you get enough relaxation while working. Some people consider working on a hobby or spending some time reflecting through meditation or even doing some physical exercise the ideal way of combating a heavy workload. The most important thing however, is to find the right balance to ensure that you don’t impact your productivity, while also giving yourself enough rest to ensure that you can work to your optimal level.

Manage your stress
Apart from getting some R&R, you should know how to manage stress effectively. While many consider smartphones as a source of stress as they connect us to our work, they can also be great tools in handling stress. There are mobile apps that can help us manage tension quickly, such as Acupressure, Moods, Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep among others as featured by Healthline. New smartphones also come with advanced health tracking and managing features, such as the iPhone 7 that O2 states now comes with the iOS10 and the updated ‘Mindfulness’ option that aids users in relieving stress, decompress, and stay centered throughout the day. Smartphones may be deemed ‘toxic’ by some as they constantly keep us updated about with our work, but they can also be tools to de-stress.

Set a date and time for everything
Although freelancers have the luxury of a flexible schedule, they should attempt to create a daily routine that allows them to have a healthy work-life balance, such as working between the hours of 9 to 5 as it determines when they should work and when they take time off. It also pays to make a calendar for professional and personal pursuits. It will help you to organize your time to ensure you get things done for work as scheduled, while being able to take time to travel and meet friends. Freelancer John Gill said in an interview that he makes sure he finishes his work at a certain time in the evening so he has more relaxation time later on. “You can always get up early the next day to finish off anything urgent, but your mind will be more refreshed and you’ll finish the task quicker than if you plough on into the night,” he said in an interview on benrmatthews.com.

One thing at a time
In order to get more things done and finished off quickly, freelancers must learn to focus on one task at a time before moving on to the next. Working on everything at once wastes valuable time that could be spent on being productive, which means the likelihood is you’ll end up eating into your free time. It helps to avoid all possible distractions that may affect your productive time spent on work and to utilize time tracking tools to ensure you get things done on time. Remember, the sooner you get finished with work, the sooner you can relax.

While it’s crucial to meet your deadlines at work, it’s also important to maintain a healthy work-life balance to keep yourself functioning well. So, how do you create a work-life balance?

Guest blog from Astrid Rhea.

ARheaTechie Astrid Rhea has been working as a freelance graphic artist for an offshore company based in Australia. After working 9-5 in an office setting, she learned that she wasn’t able to enjoy much of her free time as she still bring home some of her work. She wants to share some of her experiences as a freelancer by blogging and how she overcome some obstacles along the way.

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