07Jun 2016

Guest Blog – Using Instagram For Your Business

Today we have a guest blog from Claire Fryer who runs One to Three Marketing Solutions. Today she is talking about using Instagram for your business.

Instagram for business

Guest Blog – Using Instagram For Your Business

As a social media-marketing consultant I LOVE social media. Having worked for many years in PR during the late 90s and into the noughties I think the evolution of platforms that allow businesses to really speak to and engage with their customers is just fantastic.

Column inches are all good and well but social media is about conversations and getting to know our ‘friends’ and ‘followers.’

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google +, Snapchat……the list of social media platforms continues to grow but the relatively new kid on the block that I’m excited about is Instagram.

Instagram was launched in 2010 – within 2 years it had gained 100 million active users and that number today is around the 400 million mark.

Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012 for a cool $1billion and reports state that in 2013, Instagram grew by 23%, while Facebook, as the parent company, only grew by 3%.

So, you get the picture – Instagram is huge!

But what exactly is it and how can it work for your business?

Start by asking yourself this question.

If you could express your business visually, what would you create?

Instagram is all about beautiful images and videos and it is a platform that allows you to tell the story of your business, visually.

Instagram is about story telling and it is about brand building.

It’s not right for every business – an accountancy firm, a solicitor, a virtual assistant (even a marketing consultant like me!) will find it hard to share their message in a purely visual way but for clients I work with who have a visual message (life coaches for example) or a product to sell (clothing, cars) Instagram is a must!

Stats show that the biggest age group of Instagram users is 16-24 with the 24-34 year old range not far behind…. So it is a young platform. Does this fit with your target audience?

Female Business Hub Instagram for business

An Instagram Success Story

There are businesses that have pretty much ‘made’ themselves thanks to Instagram. One example is Luxury Lounge Wear by JAYDE @JaydeLJeffries

Jayde has over 24,000 followers and has appeared in the media citing Instagram as a major player in the growth of her fashion business.

Are you tempted to get set up? Go for it, it’s quick and easy.

Keep your account name simple and brand specific. Tie your account name as closely to your business as possible. Your profile picture will be small! 150×150 on most mobile devices so think simple.

Instagram is all about the image but captions are important too and don’t forget the hashtags! Try different lengths of caption but shorter with a click through is best. Ask questions of your followers to encourage interaction and engagement and include web links for more information.

Don’t just post your own pictures – engage with those who comment on your images and also comment on others and tag places and people where relevant

Filters look amazing on Instagram – mix up how your images look and consider video amongst your stills. Video can be very powerful on Instagram – keep them short and sweet, the first 10 seconds will hook your audience so get it right!!

Before you dash off to get set up……start planning!

As with all social media marketing, it is vital to have a plan. Think about your Instagram strategy and how does it fit in with the rest of your marketing?

Here’s our top 10:

1. Plan…..plan….plan
2. Balance ‘fun’ posts with ‘sales’ posts
3. Engage with others
4. Follow your followers back
5. Use filters on your images
6. Picture competitions that tie into your business work well on Instagram
7. Use #hashtags. A good place to start are the most used ‘days of the week’ hashtags. #mondayfunday #tuesdaytreat #waybackwednesday #throwbackthursday #followfriday #selfiesaturday #selfiesunday
8. Reward followers with special offers
9. Go Behind the scenes of your business
10. Offer exclusive news
As with all marketing activity, it’s important to evaluate and measure activity. It’s fairly simple with Instagram:

Keep a track of:
• Likes
• Comments
• Mentions
• Followers
• You can measure engagement by dividing likes/comments by follower count
• Use Google Analytics to measure click throughs to your website

Claire Fryer Instagram for business Tips

Claire Fryer has 17 years experience working with a host of businesses, including pharmaceutical, veterinary and automotive.

Claire has the knack of ensuring key messages are kept at the top of the list of priorities for any project – never getting lost in the minutiae.

With a flexible copywriting style, Claire produces creative web copy, social media content, press releases and marketing materials with clarity and ease.

A specialist in social media marketing and planning Claire provides invaluable support and training to her clients, ensuring social media works as hard as it can for them and their businesses.

“Claire is just a superstar! Her work is always exceptional and she does what she says she will, on time and to budget!“ Find out more about Claire over at www.onetothree.co.uk


Thanks Claire for sharing your knowledge with our hublets!

Jess & Janine Sig

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