15Sep 2015

Guest Blog – Jen Wilson (Warrior Woman)

Can we really have it all?

Guest blog by Jen Wilson….

I sometimes wonder if I can really have it all; a successful business, a social life, good health, a relationship, and maybe one day even a family. At 36 I’m finally working my own business after a failed business with a friend, a failed marriage and a change of career at 30.

Turn your hobby into your passion

Along the way I have had a few hiccups, my divorce being the first one, followed by ongoing health problems brought on by the stresses of being in full time education, working full time, setting up a business with my friend, healing a broken heart and having a social life to help me ignore that broken heart. I wasn’t just burning the candle at both ends; I stuck an extra couple of flames in the middle too. My life was way out of balance.

When the health problems first occurred I tried to ignore them but my body got the better of me and floored me – 2 weeks stuck in bed with just enough energy to get downstairs to the toilet. It was only 6 months later when I was referred to the hospital for further tests looking potentially for cancer that I actually started to listen. Thankfully the tests came back clear, but I was given strict orders by the consultant to start taking some time off.

Once university was done and dusted and the decision was made to end the partnership of the business with my friend huge weights were lifted from my shoulders and I had the freedom to start fresh and decide what path I was going down.

I had been using NLP therapy to deal with a lot of the sadness that had surrounded my divorce and made the decision to take the next steps to becoming a coach myself. The courses were hugely helpful for my own personal development and one of the most important things we did was eliciting our values for life, relationships and career.

My career values had freedom come out as one of the most important things to me (it is in life and relationships too). Going out on my own has given me freedom of choice, freedom of work / life balance. Yes, there are days that my To Do list seems to grow instead of diminish, yes, there are days when I am lonely, or want to hide and not do any work but my business is exactly that; my business.

I only really worked out what it was I wanted from it in December 2014. I realised that I wanted to put my NLP skills together with my personal training; fitness coaching. It’s a whole package including a book that is scheduled to be published early 2016 for women to get their head in the right place, and give them the skills to live a happy and healthy lifestyle (and not feel guilty about having cake). I want to show women that they can have it all.

Putting together my programme, getting out to networking events, working with amazing business coaches and being part of communities like Female Business Hub has shown me that it is possible to have the business, social life, good health, a relationship and a family. Now that I have the business side under way it is time for me to start working on that social side… You never know, there could be a man out there just waiting for me!


10726552_279932452206867_777545550_nJen Wilson, 36 from Glasgow. After taking a gap year to decide what I wanted to do with my life – that 1 year turned out to be 8 years (I got to live and work abroad, travelled, did a bit more work, travelled again…) I turned my hobby and passion into my career and I have worked in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, fitness instructor and fitness presenter since 2009 and worked with 100’s of women helping them achieve their health and fitness goals. Since January 2015 the Warrior Woman Project has been my baby, developing and growing the brand over the last 9 months, with a book in the process of being published. I never thought that when I added publish a book to my goals at the start of the year that it would actually be a reality so soon. After that bumpy start I really am living the dream.

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Awesome to meet you Jen and we look forward to seeing you again on the Female Business Hub!

Live, love and laugh (and join the Warrior Woman Project)


Janine Beattie - Female Business Hub Co-founder

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