16Nov 2016

Guest Blog – Effective Ways to Deal with Difficult Customers and Clients Online

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Guest Blog – Effective Ways to Deal with Difficult Customers and Clients Online

Being in customer service could be challenging as you get to deal with different type of customers every day. Providing customer service online could be more challenging since voice and tone, which is two of the most important aspect of communication, is not present.


Words could be misinterpreted which could lead to misunderstanding and disappointments. Read on the tips below on how to make sure that you provide the best service to your difficult customers and clients online.

  1. Adjust your mindset–Your attitude could greatly affect the customer experience that you are providing. Always sound friendly and cheerful. Though dealing with difficult customers could sometimes be frustrating and exhausting, always make sure that you exude a willingness to assist attitude. If you are in a happy mood, it would show in the tone of your writing and it would improve the mood of your customers.
  2. Let your customers communicate how they feel – You should always show that you are willing to listen to your customers. Let your customers vent out their frustration and be patient while they are doing this. Sometimes, customers do not really want you to resolve their issues especially if those are beyond your control, they just want to let out their frustration with the company. Having someone from the company listen and provide empathy certainly could make the customers feel better.
  3. Fix the problem at hand immediately – Customers would want you to be direct to the point and offer fast resolution. You should always respect and value their time so make sure that you are exhausting everything on your end to fix the problem immediately. Avoid unnecessary talks and dead airs and answer their queries as fast as you can. If your customer would ask “Do parking tickets affect insurance?” pull up all the resources that you need to provide the answer right away.
  4. Never take it personally – Customers may be mad and upset, but those feelings are not directed against you personally. It is natural that some upset customers may use insulting or condescending words, but know that these are not directed to you personally. If in some way you get affected by the attitude of your customers, take a deep breath and put yourself in their position. Understanding from your customer’s perspective could certainly provide a positive online experience. Do not ever fight or insult your customers back. Always remember that you are the front liner of the company so though it may seem that they are venting out their frustrations at you, they are really not mad at you personally.
  5. Pin down the outcome – Customers appreciate a fast resolution to their problems. Narrow down the possible causes of the issue so that you can arrive to the resolution. No matter how difficult a customer is, they would always feel better if they know that you are doing the best that you can to provide a positive outcome.
  6. Build rapport through empathy–Rapport is very important to be able to create a positive customer experience. Always make your customers feel that you understand where they are coming from and that you would do everything that you can on your power to resolve their problems. When you put yourself in your customer’s shoes, you would understand them better.

Difficult customers and clients online would certainly feel better if they know that they are communicating with a representative that understands their issue and is very eager to help resolve their problems.

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