15Dec 2015

Guest Blog – 5 Steps To Faster Blogging by Laura Robinson

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Hands up if you write a blog? How about some tips to get it done quicker? Well today we have a guest post from Laura Robinson at Worditude and she gives up some tips.

5 Steps To Faster Blogging

5 Steps To Faster Blogging

As a professional blogger, I need to write high-quality blog posts, quickly. As an entrepreneur with a business to run, you need to do the same. Let me help you with that.

With these five tips for more efficient writing, you’ll be bashing out blog posts at lightening speed.
1. Create An Ideas Library

Don’t lose those great blog post ideas that pop up when you are nowhere near your laptop. Maybe you read an article that could be adapted for your business. Or a customer asks a common question that would be best answered on your website. Perhaps you get flooded with ideas while standing in the shower (or is that just me?). Whenever you feel inspired, write your idea down and store it in a central place. It could be an online file, a notebook, a pinboard. Whatever works for you. Once you’ve started your central library of blog ideas, you’ll never be stuck for words again. Instead of searching your mind for suitable subject matter when it’s time to write the weekly blog, just grab an idea from the library and get typing.

2. Batch Blog

Ever heard of batch cooking? Creating huge vats of food, separating it into portions and freezing for use at a later date. There’s a lot of time to be saved with that approach to cooking. The same applies to writing. When you find yourself in ‘the zone’, creative juices flowing, and words tumbling from you with ease, don’t restrict yourself to a single blog post. Sit and write as many as you can, and then schedule them to post at some date in the future.

3. Create A Set Outline

How much easier is it to fill out a job application form, than to write up a CV and a covering letter? Blank screens and white paper are scary. Give yourself a starting point by creating a blog template to use for each post. There will be sections you want to include in every post, for example, an introduction, a conclusion, and perhaps an author’s bio at the bottom. Somewhere in the middle there will be one or two sub-sections, each with their own header. When you write a blog post, start with your template and tackle the sections one at a time, in whatever order feels easiest to you.

4. Stop Multi-Tasking

Great writing needs momentum. If you check your email or respond to a tweet mid-way through a blog post, you cost yourself time and energy. Shut down every tab on your computer except those you need for research, and the screen you are writing in. Blog now, Facebook later, but don’t do both at the same time.

5. Do Not Self-Edit

One of the most common problems my clients have is fear of writing the wrong thing. They keep the words tucked away inside themselves until they have mentally constructed the perfect sentence, and only then will they type it out. This approach takes forever. The joy of writing online is that no-one can see your first drafts. Just get the words out. You can cut and paste to create a better structure, run the spellchecker to correct errors, and edit the document as many times as you want until you are ready to show it to the world. But you can’t do any of those things until the words get out of your head and onto the screen.

With practice, your blogging will become faster and more efficient. But never compromise quality for speed. Aim for fewer value-add blog posts rather than a large quantity of unhelpful noise.

Laura Robinson Profile PhotoLaura is a professional blogger and copywriter at Worditude.co.uk. She helps small business owners pack personality into their online presence through inspired web words. She has helpful blogging freebies waiting for you.




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