17Mar 2016

FBH Goes To Hay House Ignite 2016

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On Saturday 12th March we went to the London Hay House Ignite 2016 event.

We thought we’d write blog sharing our experiences of the event and speakers and show you a little behind the scenes of our trip.  Spoiler alert, it’s a long post!

FBH Goes To Hay House Ignite 2016

Jess’ Experience

I was so excited to go to the Hay House Ignite event. I was most excited about seeing Rebecca Campbell, Kris Carr and Gala Darling. I’m been a fan of all of them for a long time. I hadn’t really heard of the other speakers but my biggest takeaways of the day were from Sandy Newbigging and Charlie Morley. I actually cried during Sandy’s talk. It was information I really needed to hear. Rather than write lots of notes on each speaker I’m going to put the one or two things that really stood out to me and that I took away from each session. I will link to their websites so you can go and find out a bit more about each of them in more detail.

As a heads up we have put affiliate links to various books we bought. It makes no difference in price to you but it does put some pennies into our wine fund.

Rebecca Campbell

I love Rebecca Campbell. I highly recommend her book Light is The New Black. Rebecca’s energy is infectious. She had us dancing and chanting (you can see a bit in my Snapchat story) and really set the day off in a positive way.

I noticed that during her talk Rebecca regularly called out for us to take a breath. For me it was such a simple but effective technique. I’m definitely going to try and regularly take these breaths throughout the day. Just to ground myself and remind myself to take a few seconds to breath.

A few key phrases from Rebecca:

Sandy Newbigging

Sandy talked about how our thoughts/behaviours can effect our health and various ailments. It’s all to do with inner conflict. I won’t go into too much detail here but I have chronic shoulder pain and nothing has helped it so far. Everything he said made total sense to me so I’ve purchased his Body Calm book and can’t wait to look into this a bit more.

Sandy also said something that stood out to me – The holy grail of personal development it to BE PRESENT. Being present has been a theme that has cropped up over and over again for me. So it’s something I’m definitely taking on board. Sandy shared some techniques of being present and you can also join his calmclan.com for a 30 day free trial of his meditations and articles.

Jess and Sandy

Jess and Sandy

Julie Montagu

The biggest takeaway from Julie’s talk for me was she said “We charge our phone up sometimes multiple times a day. If you do that for your phone then why aren’t you doing it for yourself”. How true! She talked about finding little ways to recharge yourself throughout the day. Things like yoga poses, certain foods, breathing, meditation. I’m definitely going to be more mindful of this.

Be your own hero.

Charlie Morley

Charlie’s talk is one I got a lot from. I wasn’t expecting it to. Charlie talks about Lucid Dreaming. It’s best to head over to charliemorley.com to find out exactly what it is. For me though I used to lucid dream. I used to dream a lot and in extreme detail. I always wrote about them in my dream journal. When we moved house a few months back I found my dream journal and it made me think that I haven’t actually dreamed in years. I used to dream every night without fail and remember them. I have no idea why I’ve stopped having dreams but it’s something I need to explore. So Charlie’s Lucid Dreaming book is another one I’m excited to start.

Charlie Morley sleep quote

Gala Darling

Some of my takeaways from Gala:

When you don’t spend time with yourself you will never know who you are.

Vices feel good in the moment but it’s because we are avoiding something.

She also asked us how we want to feel – my answer was VIBRANT. It fits in with my word for the year THRIVE. So I’m going to be doing some work on feeling vibrant!

Gala Darling Quote 1

Sian Clifford

Busy does not mean success. Sian mentioned some people judge their day by how much they got done. “I’ve had a great day – I’ve got so much done”. Since when do we judge our day by how hard we’ve worked?

This really rang true for me – juggling a toddler and a business I’m so guilty of telling Phil how much I did or didn’t get done when he asks me how my day was. I need to be mindful that I can have a good day and not do anything. I can just have a wonderful day with Guinevere even though none of the cleaning has been done and my work to do list has just sat there.

Kris Carr

The wonderful amazing, beautiful energy that is Kris Carr. I’ve been a long time fangirl of Kris. Being vegan myself she was one of the resources I turned to regularly. However on this years journey to THRIVE Kris was a great reminder to take better care of myself. A wake up call. Yes I’m vegan but hey chips are vegan. I need to take a closer look at what I’m putting in my body. I’m vegan to be compassionate towards animals and the planet but what about compassion towards myself?

Kris told us not to wait for a wake up call (hers was cancer). So this is something I’m going to really take on board. Nourish your body, self care and acceptance of who we are in this moment.

I highly recommend you check out Kris if you haven’t already.

Our Snapchat Story

I’m a big Snapchat fan (follow me @jessgreen84) and I did a Snapchat story of the day so you can see the behind the scenes.

Janine’s Experience

When Jess shared the event with me on Facebook, I did a small happy dance!  Gala Darling was coming to London!  Gala Darling has been on my vision board for a year – my intention was to buy her book, which I did last year, I didn’t expect to actually get the opportunity to meet her in the flesh!  I have also bought Kris Carr and Rebecca Campbell’s books so this was going to be epic!  I researched the other speakers and it made sense for Jess and I to go together.  Ticket promptly bought!   I just loved the energy and atmosphere at The Light House in London – a magical place, if Hay House do an event there, GO!

Below are my take away tips from each speaker,

Rebecca Campbell

I have bought Rebecca’s book Light is The New Black but not had a chance to read it yet!  I will make the time after hearing her speak.  Her energy was transferrable!  She had us pause to breathe a few times, it made a huge difference to the energy in the room.

Sandy Newbigging

Sandy NewbiggingWow, I did not see this one coming, Sandy was amazing,  captivating and inspiring whilst sharing how our thoughts and behaviours effect our health.   Like Jess, his BEING PRESENT resonated however I was drawn to his book Mind Calm, The Modern-Day Meditation Technique that Gives You “Peace with Mind”.  Calming the mind and being present really appealed to me, and he signed my book!

Sandy’s Website sandynewbigging.com

Charlie Morley

Charlie MorleyWow, another great speaker for me.  One of the things that Rebecca Campbell said very early one, be prepared to be surprised when you least expect it.  I read Charlie’s bio and wasn’t sure what value I would get and whether or not Lucid Dreaming was for me.  How wrong was I, his passion for teaching Lucid Dreaming and sharing stories really were incredible?  A great public speaker too!   I ordered Lucid Dreaming from Amazon yesterday and it arrived today, can’t wait to read it and learn more from Charlie.

Gala Darling

Gala Darling and Janine Beattie   Janine Beattie - Unicorn Lover

Yay!  I got Gala to sign my very well read Radical Self Love and I guess it means I am now officially the best unicorn lover in the world!  She looked aaaaamazing!  She talked about parts of her life and what really resonated was life IS beautiful and ANYTHING is possible.  Loved her boyfriend photobombing in the background!



Kris Carr

I have her book Crazy, Sexy Diet on my kindle – crazy, sexy diet, ignite your spark and live like you mean it!  I love that.  Kris is amazing as she is living with cancer and remains so wonderfully positive and loving life.  Her story is just so humbling and she has gorgeous legs!  And we were told to eat more Kale, definitely!

Jess and Janine - Female Business HubSpecial thanks to Jess for sharing the day with me, we had an awesome day, followed by a delish Vegan meal in London and an overnight stay!  We crawled into bed just after midnight, exhausted, inspired and grateful to have met such wonderful authors who have inspired us over the years, and for years to come.


p.s here are all the links to the speakers on the day:

Rebecca’s Website rebeccacampbell.me
Sandy’s Website sandynewbigging.com
Julie’s Website juliemontagu.com
Charlie’s Website charliemorley.com
Gala’s Website galadarling.com
Sian’s Website stillspacemeditation.com
Kris’ Website kriscarr.com

Jess & Janine Sig

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