21Dec 2016

FBH End of Year Blog 2016

Female Business Hub end of year blog – 2016.  We can’t believe we are writing this blog already.  This year has absolutely flown past.  We have taken some time to review our favourite blog posts this year and to combine our personal blogs into one.  It’s been about reflecting, reviewing and looking ahead to 2017.

FBH End of Year Blog

Some of our favourite blogs for 2016

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And we have totally loved having amazing contributors to our Entrepreneur Friday feature!  All the Entrepreneur Friday posts in one place here.

Jess’ Personal Blog:

So we are almost at the end of 2016. I’ll be honest and say this year has been mixed. On the personal front, it’s been fantastic and I’ve done some fantastic things this year with friends and family. However, on the business front, I don’t feel I’ve moved much further on. So many things came up and I couldn’t do it all. I had to prioritise. Which is fine! I’m looking forward to having the festive period off with my lovely family and creating lots of special memories.

Then it’s planning mode for 2017! Look out for our New Year blog along with our word of the year.

Talking of Word of the year and goals – here is my post for 2016. Lets review those goals!

  1. Drink 2 litres of water a day – as a whole yes! I have definitely improved my water consumption!
  2. Read 1 book per month (or listen via audible) – yes! Audible has definitely given me back some reading/listening time! If you want to know what I read then see here.
  3. Solo retreat – I did an overnight spa stay in July.
  4. Have a girls weekend – had a fantastic 4 day girls holiday to Ibiza!
  5. 2 family holidays – yes we went to Devon in May and Cromer in September. We are also off for a winter bread in Dorset on 30th Dec.
  6. Weekend away with Phil – didn’t manage this 🙁
  7. Date night at least once a month – yes we’ve been pretty good. It slipped during the summer holiday as so much was going on but we definitely want to continue this.
  8. Do something creative each week (sew, draw, paint, knit) – must try harder!
  9. Blog on my personal blog twice a month – hadn’t been. I’ve given this more focus this month and will be in 2017.
  10. Grow my YouTube channel to 1000 subs – as above.
  11. Launch a product for Female Business Hub – still in progress.

Janine’s Personal Blog

December was very similar to October and November.  Very challenging.  Like Jess, I don’t feel I have achieved all I set out to this year – it’s been frustrating, challenging and difficult.  My priority has been my family – keeping a roof over our head and everyone safe.  The last few months of part time care work have totally kept my word of 2016 alive – GRATITUDE.  I am amazed every day by the wonderful people I meet, their gratitude for a friendly face, gratitude for company, food and a lovely chat.  I can’t ask for more or even express how grateful I am to end the year on a high of love, gratitude and kindness.   This part-time work has of course, distracted me from focusing on the Female Business Hub, my own brand and my own self-care.  Something that needs to change for 2017.

2016 goals and my updates:

  1. nourish – nourish my body, mind and soul with good food, lots of water, read good books and plenty of exercise – partially done, I am currently nourishing my soul, but need more self-care. 
  2. creative – blog more frequently, launch loads of cool stuff on the Female Business Hub,  journal, develop my own personal brand and develop my business in a creative way – totally fell by the way side.  Spending too much time worrying about money and trying to get straight has not helped with my creative juices. 
  3. love  – love for my family and friends and self love  – huge tick!
  4. adventures – continue walking, loving, travelling and doing crazy stuff – huge tick! 
  5. freedom – the financial freedom to make choices, time freedom to make choices  – added to 2017’s list.
  6. compassion – continue volunteering at The Ley Community and supporting Passionate Pink!  2 charities dear to my heart  – both charities had changes so I couldn’t help where I wanted to.  My part time care work has helped me with compassion and patience – tick! 
  7. gratitude – gratitude for everything I have in my life, everything I have achieved and everything I will achieve – EVERYDAY  – oh my goodness, every day!  I want to continue this for 2017.
  8. happiness  – happiness is a choice I make and I choose happiness – EVERYDAY – EVERYDAY I choose happiness. 
  9. family – my world – my family and friends, be here for them and support them in every way – everyday.  I have let some friends down recently, this will be rectified in 2017.
  10. success  – becoming successful in business and knowing what that looks like  – must try harder!

So in the words of my lovely man, this year has been “some and some”.  It hasn’t been as good as I planned, but hasn’t been that bad either.  We made it… both Jess and my families are well, ready for Christmas and full of love and happiness – and gratitude!

We are both now taking a break for Christmas.  We wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and the most amazing 2017.  See you next year!

Much love


Jess & Janine Sig



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  1. Wow such a great updates from 2016 in your blog. Hope this year you will be able to achieve more than what you deserve!
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