04Mar 2016

Fail To Plan, Plan to Fail

Fail To Plan, Plan to Fail

You are flying out the door, trying not to be late for the school run.  Thank goodness for some planning, all the packed lunches were made the night before!  As a busy Mum, we all know the importance of planning. Even getting out the door requires a military operation, planned within an inch of its life.  Why should you do the same in your business?

Fail to plan, plan to fail

Fail to plan, plan to fail… I have heard this one a million times before and I have constantly reminded my clients in the past the importance of planning.  Yet, I am not that great at planning myself!  I have learnt a huge amount of planning skills from Jess and over the last few months, we have really got down to some business planning.

As a busy Mum, the importance of planning is paramount so that you don’t get caught out without the nappy bag or the spare pants – we have all been there, right?  If we plan ahead, things run a whole lot smoother. Obviously, the odd temper tantrum foils that plan!

So why is planning important if you are starting out in business?  It’s simple, you need a plan, an idea of what you want to achieve and why?  Usually this starts with a simple business plan.  Trust me, I have filled in dozens of them and promptly patted myself on the back whilse filing said business plan in my new filing cabinet.

Everyone bangs on about a business plan, the importance of it for funding or just planning out your business – and  I agree.  You have to have a plan, otherwise plan to fail, it’s simple.  However, your business plan shouldn’t be dozens of pages of a document you never look at.  It can be as simple as a one page document which covers some basic things like:

  • what does your ideal client look like?
  • what are your business objectives?
  • how are you going to market your business?
  • financial information

I would start with the 4 P’s of marketing – Product / Place / Price / Promotion and the other key advice I would offer – keep it as a working document that you look at daily.  That way your plan will set you up for a successful business.

We are working on some business planning templates so watch this space!

What types of business planning templates would you like to see?

Live, love and laugh (and get planning)




Janine Beattie - Female Business Hub Co-founder


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