25Mar 2016

Entrepreneur Friday: Yvonne Morrison

It’s FRIDAY! Which means it’s time for another Entrepreneur Friday. This week we have Yvonne Morrison from The Business Boutique. So pull up a chair and read her interview.

Entrepreneur Friday Yvonne Morrison

Entrepreneur Friday: Yvonne Morrison

Tell us a bit about your business

The Business Boutique evolved from my desire to support female entrepreneurs to have the businesses and lifestyles they dream off.

Working alongside these wonderful ladies I teach and demystify what business finance means (it’s nothing like school maths and we can all do this!) How they might have money stories from their childhood that block them from success and how to focus in business to really get traction. 

Let’s do the things that help you grow rather than trying to complete a never ending to do list.

What inspired you to start it?

For over 10 years I worked in small businesses doing their bookkeeping.  Time and time again these passionate beautiful souls would become disheartened by not having money in the bank or freaking out about where the next customer would come from to pay the bills.

No matter what systems I put into place and what support that gave them, what they needed most was clarity in actually “getting” what all these numbers meant.  As I was always passionate about sharing my knowledge it was a perfect fit to change things around.

What is your career background?

This question put a smile on my face because I can honestly admit that I’ve worked in so many roles and different industries I don’t think I could call any of it a career.  My top ranking role before becoming my own boss was the Administration Manager for a Private Training Centre.

All the others, summer camp counsellor, au-pair, check-out girl, receptionist they all give me the opportunity to build and grow new skills like building rapport easily with strangers, great customer service and not blowing my top when things get stressed.

It’s a bit woo-woo but perhaps as I floated from one thing to another I was meant to learn all of these so I could have a strong foundation to support others.

What is your vision for your business?

I am aiming to be THE gal that women entrepreneurs come to and say “help, I just don’t get it”.  I love that they will reach out knowing they have found a place to ask for help, that no question is a dumb question and that we will work together until they do “get it”.

It’ll be a business advisory, support and cheerleading consultancy.

You’ve balanced being a successful business woman with raising a family. Any advice for other women?

That some days are better just to let it go.  Accept that that day is not going to be what you wanted. 

There have been plenty of times where I’ve sat down with a focused plan and school has rung up because my kid went to school fine and vomited 5 min into class starting.  Simply chalk it up.

How do you maintain a good work/life/family balance?

Organisation.  There are some wonderful apps and things out there but as a visual person I need to be reminded of what’s coming up and why.

I still have a planner/diary.  My whole life is in there (oh, that could sound sad! But it also shows how much fun I have).  It keeps me focused and on track with my time management.

What was your light bulb moment? When did you realise you wanted to be an entrepreneur/business owner?

My dad was an entrepreneur all his life and he worked hard so my brother and I could go to university.

However, that never sat right with me so the first time I signed up a client and realised that this same drive was inside of me, that I could choose to decide how to live, that was it for me.

I freak at the thought of ever having to return somewhere where they tell me when I can have lunch or a day off.

What lessons have you learned along the way?

Seek help.  Oh my gosh, that was such a tough one because your business is your baby.  That’s how I felt.  And also that no one could possibly do a better job at ALL these things than I.

One day I took a leap and got a graphic designer to do a project.  It made me realised how long I had been sabotaging myself.

What has surprised you about owning your own business?

How proud I am of myself and how it’s boosted my confidence.  I grew up with the whole ‘don’t toot your horn’ attitude and now I think ‘heck yes, I’ve earned it’.  I love it.  This is such an awesome way to earn money and support my family.

Who and what inspires you?

I am constantly inspired by the women I work with.  The amazing creative ideas they come up with.  Their reasons for becoming their own bosses despite some of the obstacles.   Their desire to be role models for their children.

I’m also a huge fan of Lisa Messenger – author and creator of The Collective

Do you have a daily routine or rituals you do?

Not opening either email or Facebook before I’ve spend some time getting my head ready for the day. 

I set myself between 2-3 priority tasks a day to achieve.  In the past if I didn’t do this I could be thrown completely sideways by wasting time on Facebook or letting an unexpected email throw me.

What obstacles have you had along the way?

Ironically it was my own money mindset that held me back at first.  Sure I get business finances but deciding how much my services were worth was a challenge when my initial confidence wasn’t there. 

Also stories of my past that could hold my thoughts prisoner.  On the occasssion that I fall of the wagon, I recognise my thought pattern and remind myself of Elizabeth Gilbert’s quote about fear: “thanks for being part of the ride and keeping me safe.  Now sit in the backseat because you are never in charge”.

What is one thing you wish you’d known when you first started?

That it takes time.   Overnight successes are rarely that so be patient, get systems and foundations in place and it will happen for you.

Tell us your favourite tools that make your life easier (apps, websites, software etc.)

Tech isn’t my biggest strength and I am lucky to have my husband to fall back on when I get frustrated.

Things that have made my day easier: OneNote (great for taking notes when I’m in sessions with clients rather than paper and pen).

I also love my chrome extension [sorry I don’t know the full name] that provides me with beautiful imagery, motivational quote and to do list for each day.

What is your favourite quote?

I’m a bit of Dr Seuss fan: “You have brains in your head.  You have feet in your shoes.  You can steer yourself any direction you choose”.

Yvonne MorrisonYvonne Morrison is the Chief Cheerleader at The Business Boutique.

At The Business Boutique female entrepreneurs learn to understand their business finances and their what money mindset.

Through working with Yvonne they will demystify finances and build a strong foundation to support the businesses and lifestyles they desire.  Designing an action plan to get traction to grow versus trying to keep up with the to-do list.

Training can be on a D-I-Y basis through the signature program “Love Your Numbers” or through personal planning and cheerleading. (We all need one in our corner).

Yvonne has been in business for over ten years.  She is mum to Sophie and Isabelle and wife to David.  She has also solely been chosen by Smokey and Millie (cats) to be woken each morning at 6am by for feeding!

You can find Yvonne online here:

Website: www.thebusinessboutique.nz

Facebook: www.facebook.com/thebusinessboutiquenz

Twitter: @BizBoutiqueNZ

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/yvonne-morrison-b9775091

Thanks for sharing your story Yvonne!

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