17Mar 2017

Entrepreneur Friday – Fran Stockley

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Time for another Entrepreneur Friday where we interview female business owners. This week we have the fabulous Fran Stockley – helping women heal their body so they can fulfil the life they are most excited about.

Entrepreneur Friday - Fran Stockley

Entrepreneur Friday – Fran Stockley

Tell us a bit about your business?
My business helps women heal their body so they can fulfil the life they are most excited about. We run exclusive luxury detox retreats in Mallorca and the UK so women can take the time to see what is happening in their physical mental and emotional body. I also run bespoke one to one programmes using raw food, herbs and other techniques to bring a woman’s body back into balance.

What inspired you to start it?
The path of health and healing chose me. In my early 20’s I was very ill with chronic fatigue and adrenal burnout. I was eating what I thought was a healthy diet and exercising every day and my body was getting bigger, tireder and my mind was getting more and more foggy. This was the beginning of me healing myself and qualifying in various different modalities so that I could help others do the same.

The retreats were an extension of my work. I saw how powerful being away from everything we know really is, especially when looking to change something. So we found the most beautiful properties we could and together with a phenomenal team of hand-picked therapists and chefs we run these life-changing retreats.

What is your career background?
I started out in the fitness industry as a personal trainer for women. I have always loved working one on one in this way. But the fitness industry for me is something I no longer relate to. Our business philosophy is one of gentleness, nurturing the self and going at your own pace.

What is your vision for your business?
To continue to provide world-class transformational health retreats for women that want a full and expressed life. To be a recognised voice in the health industry for simple raw food, rest and honouring your own pace.

How do you maintain a good work/life/family balance?
The truth is that I don’t manage this always. I think ‘balance’ is not always achievable when you are so passionate about something. I am blessed to be with the man of my dreams who supports me in every way and believes in my own vision and the vision of the business. He is also the raw food chef on our retreats and takes care of all the logistics so I can stay in my area of genius. It was always my dream to work with the man of my dreams!

What was your light bulb moment? When did you realise you wanted to be an entrepreneur/business owner?
Since I was about 8 years old I was thinking of business ideas. I always knew in my heart I would have several businesses. There wasn’t a light bulb moment it was just an inner knowing that grew and grew.

What lessons have you learned along the way?
My most favourite lesson I have learnt is this:  It doesn’t matter what amazing business tool or strategy is out there, if you are not excited about it and emotionally engaged with is then forget it. The most important thing in business is your passion, that’s what people feel and that’s what people buy.

What has surprised you about owning your own business?
That it forces you to look at every part of yourself.

Who and what inspires you?
I am inspired daily by the people around me… My fiancé Gary inspires me with his zest for life, his relentless passion and total fun. My Mum inspires me with her huge heart and stamina. All of my family inspire me in different ways.

Sure I am inspired by other business owners but for me, I like knowing someone before I am inspired by them, I like to know their heart before I get excited about their success. There is a lot of smoke and mirrors out there.

Do you have a daily routine or rituals you do?
Yes, I do yoga each morning or evening and write down what’s on my mind. I then spend 10 minutes in silence, give thanks and ask myself what I want. I am also a huge fan of intermittent fasting (eating meals in a shorter time window) as it helps me focus and stay on track.

What obstacles have you had along the way? 
Many challenges always in business but also many joys. The obstacles are always an opportunity to think differently about a situation and come up with a different solution.

What is one thing you wish you’d known when you first started?
That business takes time. Overnight success is a myth.

Tell us your favourite tools that make your life easier (apps, websites, software etc)
My food makes my life easier. I am a raw fruitarian and stick to fruit and some raw veggies. This helps me stay high energy and connected to my intuition which is very important in business as some things just ‘wont feel right’ but you won’t be able to explain why. My other tool is self-care in the form of yoga and intermittent fasting. I am early to bed and early to rise.

What is your favourite quote?
If it’s not fun then it’s not sustainable.


Entrepreneur Friday - Fran StockleyFran worked for many years in the Fitness Industry at some of the leading Health Clubs in the UK as well as running her own successful personal training company for women. It was when she became ill at this time doing all the right things; it caused her to re-evaluate this path and train as a Naturopathic Nutritional
Therapist and Detoxification Specialist. With her background in fitness and expertise in health, Fran has spent the last ten years helping women all over the world to heal and strengthen their bodies so that they can have the power, zest and energy for the life they really want to be living.  Fran has been described as a powerful mentor by her clients and her client list is as diverse as her knowledge and experience. She works with female CEO’s, female entrepreneurs and an array of people in between. Her passion is in helping women from all walks of life regain the health and vitality in their body so they can get on with living their best life.  Fran has worked at the world-renowned Kripalu centre for yoga and health in Massachusetts and regularly speaks to audiences in the UK on how to turn their health around. She has been interviewed on Radio Manchester and featured in Psychologies Magazine and the Luxury Editor. Her Luxury detox retreats run yearly for small groups of people and she regularly runs workshops at Nick Knowles O’Joy Wellness centre in Shropshire UK.  Fran read Psychology and took an MSc in Sport and Exercise Psychology at Loughborough. She is a Practitioner of NLP, a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist and a Detoxification Specialist.

Bodylove Luxury Detox Retreats

Fran is the Founder and Creator of Bodylove Luxury detox retreats that are run in Mallorca and Snowdonia.  The retreats are unique in that they combine stunning, inspired settings, with rest, reflection and gentle exercise as well as raw food, education on detox and a truly holistic approach on how to be at peak health and the impact that has on the rest of our lives. Fran is supported by a personally hand-picked expert team of therapists, raw chefs and speakers where they uncover myths in the industry and make health, energy and vitality simple, achievable and even enjoyable again.

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Thanks for sharing your story Fran!

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