24Feb 2017

Entrepreneur Friday – Andrea Davison

Time for another Entrepreneur Friday where we interview female business owners. This week we have the fabulous Andrea Davison from Jemden Interiors.

Female Business Hub interview with Andrea Davison

Entrepreneur Friday – Andrea Davison

Tell us a bit about your business
I am an interior designer and I started my business, Jemden Interiors in 2004 and since then I have worked with some amazing clients to create homes they love. We offer a design and decoration service and we have a showroom in Hawthorn and Eltham. I love the Hamptons look and my style has elements of this with a fresh approach.

What inspired you to start your business?
I have always loved interior design and once I started design school I knew I couldn’t do anything else. My family had a manufacturing type business when I was growing up so I was aware of the ups and downs that came with running your own business so it was quite natural for me to want to have my own business. I love that a person can start a business and make it grow and get better all the time and I am very inspired constantly by other business women to always be thinking of how my business can keep improving.

What is your career background?
While I was working in our family business as an Office Manager I went back to study interior design & decoration part time at NMIT. I soon started to get design jobs and then I opened my first showroom in Eltham and we expanded last year by opening another showroom in Hawthorn.

What is your vision for your business?
I have a big vision for my business and I am always looking at how we can grow the business to the next level. I am currently updating our showrooms so they are easier for customers to come and put together their own designs. A ‘Design store’ where we have beautiful wallpapers, fabrics, furniture and accessories to purchase and you can see the samples all together so you know you will love it.

You’ve balanced being a successful business woman with raising a family. Any advice for other women?
I am very passionate about my work and my business and even when I am at home I am sometimes working on my business but I always have lots of time for my family. I have a husband and three kids so life is very busy for us but I try not to work on the weekend and to get home early so we all eat dinner together as a family. My advice would be to make sure you have time with your family because there is nothing more important.

What lessons have you learned along the way?
I have learned so much and I will never stop learning more and more. I have learnt that running a business takes a lot of dedication and hard work and that you have to keep going if it’s something you are so passionate about which I am. Don’t sweat the small mistakes that happen – because things go wrong but it’s a matter of not dwelling on them, learning from them but working on what can I do now to fix the situation.

What has surprised you about having your own business?
I am surprised by how much I have learnt and how far I have come. I think back to when I was first starting and how much I didn’t know but I just kept learning along the way.

Who and what inspires you?
I have read a lot of books about business and design and I absolutely love learning from other business owners to see how they got to where they are. I have seen Naomi Simson the creator of Red Balloon talk about her business and she is very inspiring to me.

What obstacles have you had along the way?
Like other business owners I have had many obstacles. I’m actually quite a shy person so one obstacle has been to just get out there and do it when it’s not always in my comfort zone. My passion for design and my business has made me become more confident. Another obstacle is cash flow as I have so many ideas for my business I can’t always implement them straight away.

What is the one thing you wish you’d known when you started?
I wish I would have known that all business owners have set backs along the way and that nothing is ever perfect. It’s ok to make mistakes but don’t dwell on them. I’m much better at doing that now.

Tell us your favourite tools that make life easier.
For me as a designer I love to get inspiration from Houzz, pinterest and youtube.

What is your favourite quote?
‘If you think you can or you think you can’t either way your right’.
(My kids have heard this one quite a bit)

fullsizerenderAndrea Davison is an interior designer and she established Jemden Interiors in 2004. Since then she has worked with some amazing clients to create homes they love. She believes a home should be welcoming, elegant and an absolute pleasure to live in and describes her style as Hamptons with a fresh approach. In 2013 she was invited to design the centre stage for the HIA show and present talks on ‘Colour in design’. This lead Andrea to share some design tips on the television show ‘Australias best houses’ on three episodes which she loved. She continues to grow her business, Jemden Interiors which currently has a showroom in Hawthorn and Eltham.

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Thanks for sharing your story Andrea!

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