02Sep 2014

Coping with The 1st Trimester of Pregnancy and Running a Business

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So this is new territory for me. My partner and I are expecting our first child. Which means we are totally sh~t scared thrilled.

After the initial shock and then total happiness came the first trimester. Like a bloody steam roller!

Coping with The 1st Trimester of Pregnancy and Running a Business

I had heard pregnant women talk about tiredness and sickness before but put it down to moaning pregnancy hormones. OH MY GOD. There is nothing like pregnancy fatigue. In that week 6-12 period I was absolutely drained. Even having a shower wore me out. Plus I had extreme morning sickness too (lost 18lbs in 3 weeks). The name “Morning Sickness” is cruel. Mine lasted until about 9pm at night. Cheers then.

I found it really tough as in that first trimester you don’t want to tell too many people because the risk of miscarriage is higher, but you also don’t want people to think you are a totally lazy and sick!

After a chat with Janine we thought it would be a good theme on the blog for me to post about my pregnancy journey whilst running a business and once the baby comes how I’m dealing with a newborn and running a business.

So this post is all about how I coped/didn’t cope with the first trimester and a few tips on how to cope when you work for yourself.

1. Take it easy. First of all and most important is you are growing a person. An actual human being. It takes a lot of energy and awesome super powers to do that. So don’t be hard on yourself. If you really need to take time off then do.

2. Don’t feel bad about napping. I really wish I had napped more. I felt I had to get all my work done plus all the cleaning and totally wore myself out. Somethings got to give. I wish I hadn’t cared about the cleaning so much and had taken a little nap each day.

3. Try and not be a coffee junkie before you get pregnant. Now as our pregnancy wasn’t planned just yet I was still a total coffee addict. So as soon as I found out I was pregnant I had to go cold turkey on caffeine. It was cruel as never have I felt I needed it more!

4. Eat often. It was the last thing I felt like doing but if I made sure I ate every 2 hours I felt much better that day.

5. Drinks lots of water. Enough said

6. Take your pregnancy vitamins at night. For the first 11 weeks I took them in the morning. As soon as I switched it to the evening I noticed a dramatic difference.

7.  Hire a Virtual Assistant. We will have more posts on the benefits of using a VA but if you have the ability to hire one for a few hours a week to take of some of your task, then this can be a total life saver. That goes for other hired help like getting a cleaner in once or twice a week to just help keep on top of things.

8. Be ruthless with your To-Do list. Every week I do a rough plan of what the next week looks like and each day I review what tasks I need to get done. In the first trimester I would say just do what needs doing. Nothing more. Now is not the time to to start some fancy launch or do that online course you’ve been meaning to do. Don’t try to be a superwoman. Get the client work that needs to be done. If you have clients wanting extra work doing and you don’t know how you will be able to cope- just tell them you have another big project on the go at the moment so can you pick it up in a few weeks.

9. Schedule wisely. A couple of years back I took the decision to take every Friday off. I either use it as a total day off and do something nice or 3 out of every 4 I use it as my own business development time. However in the first trimester it was used for sleep and laying on the sofa watching re-runs of Friends. Try and book slots of time in your diary each day for down time. Actually book it as a slot in your diary. You can then use that time to relax, sleep or if you feel ok then do some more work off your “not so urgent” task list.

10. Get a pregnancy pillow as soon as possible. You don’t need to have a bump yet before it to be of benefit. I’m not sure how I will ever sleep without one in the future.

11. Ask for help. Whether it’s your Mum, friend, partner or kids. Ask them to help share the load of home duties.

12. Don’t worry about the future of your business…yet. The first trimester is tough enough without you worrying about how you are going to cope financially/will your business survive etc. Park it for now and we can start putting a plan together in the 2nd trimester.

So there are a few tips from me. Luckily I’m now in the lovely 2nd trimester and the difference is amazing!!!

If you have any other tips you would add then please let us know.

Thanks for reading

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  1. Jess, I love the tips and advice! Pregnancy can effect people in so many different ways and when you are trying to run your own business too! OMG its going to be epic! I can’t wait to read all the lovely stuff for trimester 2!

  2. Mel

    Hi Jess, these are great tips and a wonderful reminder. So far my first trimester has been a bit tough with all day nausea and running my solopreneur business hasn’t been incredibly productive 🙁 With the anxiety of “how will my business be when the baby actually comes” I initially had a pull to get everything I possibly can get done and even more everyday for the next 8 months, but realizing that is just not possible 🙂
    Thanks for the gentle reminders that being pregnant is a big job in itself and everything will work out in the end.


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