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16Dec 2014

The Social Media Landscape

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What social media channels are right for my business or start up idea?

Social media has been a buzz word in business for a few years.  Everywhere you turn, the advice is to get your business online and spread your biz love across all the social media channels.

The social media landscape - Female Business Hub

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31Oct 2014

Top 10 Kick Ass Peeps To Follow On Facebook

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Just like Jess, I could have a list as long as my arm of my fav peeps on Facebook.  I have included a mixed list because I love all these pages for various reasons.   Some inspire, motivate or just provide some real nuggets of information I love to read and share.

Janine's fav Facebook pages

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28Oct 2014

Top 10 Kick Ass Females to Follow on Twitter

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Firstly let me start of by saying I could add so many to this group. It was really hard to pick just 10 as there are so many awesome women rocking it out there. These are women who have inspired, motivated and taught me valuable insights.

Also this is my list (Jess). Janine will more than likely have her own opinions too 🙂

Top 10 Kick Ass Females to Follow on Twitter

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