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29Dec 2015

Jess’ Personal Blog December 2015

Time for my December personal blog. I hope you have been enjoying a wonderful Christmas break with your loved ones. It’s been a wonderful first Christmas for Guinevere. We’ve been around family and made some great memories.

Jess’ Personal Blog December 2015

Jess Personal Blog Dec 2015

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26Nov 2015

Jess’ Personal Blog – November 2015

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Happy November everyone!

This past month has been up and down. It started with me being a bit unmotivated and getting frustrated that I wasn’t getting enough done. Then I had our monthly mastermind meeting and the girls really helped.

One of the main things is my mindset. At the moment I just don’t have as much time as I used to. So I need to change my mindset and my expectations of myself. So I’m now trying to be more realistic with my planning. I’ve been feeling so much better since and as a result been getting more done as I haven’t been wasting as much time fretting!

Jess Personal Blog November 2015

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30Oct 2015

Jess’ Personal Blog October 2015

Time for my personal blog for October…. although I’m sure I wrote my September one yesterday. Time is whizzing by!

Jess' Personal Blog October

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