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31Mar 2016

Janine’s Personal Blog – March 2016

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The sun is shining and the days are getting longer, this can only mean one thing!  Spring! One of my favourite seasons.  For now, it is time to reflect on my personal blog and the madness that was March.

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26Feb 2016

Janine’s Personal Blog – February 2016

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I am always amazed at how quick my personal blog post comes round for each month.  And I say that every month!  After a real positive start to the year, I was determined to make February continue where January left off.

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29Jan 2016

Janine’s Personal Blog – January 2016

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January!  I cannot believe my personal blog for January has come round so quickly?  January blues anyone?  Not in this camp… so what has changed from the usual January gloom that usually hangs over my head?

Janine Personal Blog Jan 2016

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