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16Sep 2016

Guest Blog – Work-life Balance Tips For Freelancers

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Today we have a guest blog from Astrid Rhea who discusses the all-important topic of work-life balance we all want in our lives.

Work-life Balance Tips For Freelancers

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19Jul 2016

Advertising on Facebook – Should You Do It?

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Today we have another guest blog from Claire Fryer who runs One to Three Marketing Solutions. Today she is talking about Facebook Advertising and whether its a good idea for your business.

Should you use facebook advertising?

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01Jul 2016

Brexit and What It Means From An Accountant’s Point of View

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Brexit has dominated the headlines over the past 2 weeks. Now no one really knows what is going to happen and it’s all totally up in the air at the moment but Rachael Savage from Simplified Accountancy has shared her view on what Brexit could mean for small businesses.

Brexit small business impact

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