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30Oct 2015

Jess’ Personal Blog October 2015

Time for my personal blog for October…. although I’m sure I wrote my September one yesterday. Time is whizzing by!

Jess' Personal Blog October

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20Oct 2015

35 Affirmations for Female Entrepreneurs (with FREE audio)

I’m a big fan of affirmations. I try to fit them into my daily routine. Normally I’ll do some in the morning after a short meditation or before bed if I haven’t been able to in the morning.

They can be so powerful. For me it gets me in the right mindset. So below I have put a list of some that I use but there are so many you can try. Try creating some of your own. I’ve also recorded mine as an audio recording (get it at the bottom of this post) and play it in the morning. It seems to be more effective for me to listen to them rather than read them from a list. Do what works for you.

35 Affirmations for Female Entrepreneurs

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