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01Feb 2017

How to Write Online Content that Earns You Money

Plenty of writers can crank out a GOOD post for their website, one that readers will enjoy and proceed to forget about completely.

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24Jan 2017

Janine’s Word of the Year and Goals 2017

The start of a New Year, 2017.  A time of reflection on the year past, but more importantly, looking ahead. Goal setting and learning from the last 12 months of the journey.

If you want to see what my word of the year was for 2016 then you can check it out over here.

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07Dec 2016

Guest Blog – 6 Ways To Promote Workplace Safety Culture

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6 Ways To Promote Workplace Safety Culture

Safety isn’t always a priority in the minds of most business managers and owners. For some of them, a severe injury to an employee is a remote possibility that they should not bother worrying about.

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