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11Aug 2017

Follow Up Entrepreneur Friday – Cendrine Marrouat

Follow up Entrepreneur Friday with Cendrine Marrouat.   We interviewed Cendrine back in December 2014, take a look and see what has changed in Cendrine’s world. Sometimes, Change Is Necessary.

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21Jul 2017

Guest Blog – 5 Reasons to Grow Your Startup Business in Coworking Space

If you have been working on your business idea out of your home office, garage, or at a coffee shop, you might have noticed that the setup isn’t always working for your business.


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07Jul 2017

Great Podcasts for Business Mums

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Podcasts are one of my favourite ways to consume content. It allows me to listen while I’m doing the dishes, putting away laundry, cooking dinner, walking the dog, any car journey… it really helps me make use of my time. As a boss mum that’s a big bonus for me.

So I thought I’d list a few of my favourite podcasts for business mums. Actually these are not just business Mums – but anyone who runs their own business.

podcast for business mums women

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