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Our dream is to see you become the CEO of your life and business.

We believe you can be more than just a Mum; you can take control of your life and grow a successful business.  Time and financial freedom is yours for the taking, with a whole heap of hard work and passion.

Our core valuesour core values are the things that are important to us in the way we live and work.  They shape our priorities in life and allow us to ensure we are living the life we want.  The Female Business Hub is the vehicle to share these values so that you too can live the life you want.  #BOSSMUM

Abundance – a fulfilled life with our families and friends

Authentic – we are just two regular Mum’s sharing our journey – no bulls**t here please!

Compassion – to each other, to ourselves and the world

Community – create a kick ass community of women who get it.  Supportive and nurturing and development is important.  

Family number one priority!

Gratitude – to experience gratitude every day.  Allowing us to be mindful, present and here for our families.

Happiness  – happiness is a choice we make.

Knowledge – continue growing our own knowledge of running a business and sharing this with our community.

Love the planet – we only have one planet, love the animals, love the earth and love the people.

Passion – we love what we do and want to share that with the world.

Self love – You are enough – always looking after ourselves, eating well, sleeping well, drinking enough water, having enough playtime, daily meditation and our own personal spirituality.

Thrive – stepping up, flourishing and being present.


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