Female Business hub was co-founded by Jess Green and Janine Beattie.  We are both Mums who want to take control and become kick ass CEO’s of our lives and businesses.

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There’s no judgement here, just love. We still have days when the kids have dropped a H Bomb on the house, not napped and at the end of the day we’ve cried into our glass of wine. We’ve cried even harder when we’ve realised we’ve ran out of wine.

You are allowed to pursue your dreams – it makes you an even better parent.

What better role model than a Boss Mum who works hard and creates a wonderful life for her and her family?

We want you to flourish and help you follow your heart and keep being a rockstar Mum.

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We are a community of women that get it. It’s not always going to be easy but we will give you the tools, strategies and support that can help you create a business that supports you and not the other way around.

You don’t want to go back into a corporate/office/fulltime job and having to spend time away from your children. You want to be able to drop them off at school and pick them up – not spending time sitting in traffic commuting.

You want the flexibility of working the hours you want and being at home so you can still be a hands on Mum. But you want some independence away from your family and make a difference by offering an amazing product/service.  Yes you’re a Mum but you are still allowed to have dreams and aspirations.

It can be really hard being a mum and running a business. One minute you are working on a business proposal and then next thing dealing with a toddler meltdown because they are wearing purple socks today.  It’s totally achievable if you have the right mindset and are prepared to put in the work. We want to help guide you through the journey of becoming an amazing business mum and create a life and business that you love.

You might have only just had the thought of setting up your own business and need some help and inspiration. Or you might have started one but are struggling to run it to it’s full potential. You might not have any other “Business Mum” friends and you feel lonely in your struggle and could do with some support.

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We set up the Female Business Hub because we’ve been there. We’ve had successes and lots of failures. We want to share our tips and strategies to help you Start, Run, and Maintain your own business .

We want to empower you to totally rock your business.

If you are looking for permission to be a Mum Boss then this is it. So push the Mummy guilt aside, pull up a chair and get ready to shine.

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Jess & Janine


Jess Green Female Business Hub


Jess is a marketing geek, veggie, animal loving country girl. She is Mum to Guinevere who was born in January 2015 and she is looking forward to the challenge of running her business and FBH while juggling being a mum.

To find out more about Jess click HERE


Janine Beattie Female Business Hub


Janine is a hugely passionate entrepreneur and biz owner, loving everything online and helping businesses grow through the power of social media, blogging and networking – online and offline.

To find out more about Janine click HERE


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