30Sep 2014

5 Reasons Why You Need a Good Website

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5 reasons why you need a good website…

And you don’t have to spend a fortune either!

Your website is your shop front so dress it well to encourage visitors to browse.  Whether you sell products or services, you need a website.

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Over the summer I helped a friend out who runs a local boutique on the high street.  I loved it and got to meet some wonderful new people who came browsing at all the gorgeous stuff in the shop.  As I live is small town, high street trade and shopping locally is important to me.  I was amazed at how many people came in because they had been attracted by the window dressing.

Well of course it should be dressed well, it is after all a ladies fashion boutique.  It got me thinking about how a website should do the same thing.  You have a business or a business idea, how do you get people to look at your products or services?  I thought I would share my 5 top reasons why you need a good website that functions well, just like the boutique needs a good window dressing…

  1. it gives you credibility

  2. your business is accessible 24/7 and allows shoppers to browse at their convenience

  3. you can showcase your work

  4. you can offer valuable content

  5. your shoppers get a real human feel to your business

A few tips worth remembering when you are investigating websites:

  1. opt for a content managed website (CMS) so you can control the content

  2. get Google analytics set up so you can track your efforts

  3. update your website regularly

  4. offer a freebie in exchange for your readers email

  5. link all your social media channels and make it as easy as possible for your shopper to get in touch or indeed buy!

It’s very rare for a business not to have a website, and most of the time this is due to the costs – there are plenty of free website builders out there, however remember with freebies, you kinda get what you pay for.  WordPress is our fav and you can get really cool designed themes for minimal cost.  Search Etsy for WordPress themes and you will be amazed, or even Google it!

Invest some time and a little bit of cash in a good website – and remember it has to work for you and your business so dress it well, fill it with awesome content and look after your shoppers.

One of my fav resources for all things online is over at The Social Media Slant – I stumbled across this cool infographic of how the eye tracks a website – pretty cool – The importance of eye tracking for effective website design (infographic)

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