19Jul 2016

Advertising on Facebook – Should You Do It?

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Today we have another guest blog from Claire Fryer who runs One to Three Marketing Solutions. Today she is talking about Facebook Advertising and whether its a good idea for your business.

Should you use facebook advertising?

Advertising on Facebook – Should You Do It?

In short – yes!

When businesses first cottoned on to the benefits of social media organic (that’s free) reach was through the roof. Two of three years ago, if you had 100 likes on your Facebook page pretty much all of those likes (if active users) would see your posts.

Today – it’s a different story. You’re lucky if 10% of your likes see your information on a regular basis.


There are so many reasons.

More businesses are using social media so there is quite simply more competition. There are over 50 million business pages on Facebook (source Forbes.com)

More users like more pages. Figures from Adweek state that every Facebook user likes an average of 70 pages. It’s just not possible to get everything to everyone with this much ‘noise.’

Also, of course, Facebook HQ have realized how important their pages are to businesses and we’d be naïve to think they’re not going to make ‘free’ reach harder so that we are enticed to pay.

I have no problem paying for ads on Facebook – I have no problem advising clients to do so…why? Because they work!

How do I advertise?

Facebook has a very user-friendly Ads Manager suite – you access this via your personal profile via the top right drop down arrow.

Screen Shot 1
Click on ‘Create ads’ and you will see various options including boosting posts, promoting pages, driving traffic to your website etc.

Screenshot 2


These three are a good place to start as they will help you to grow your page likes, engage ‘fans’ with particular messages and get all important traffic to your site (remember you can use Google Analytics to track where your site traffic comes from.)

Simply click on the option you want to go with and you can start building your campaign.

The importance of audience

As a rule I always recommend selecting your audience carefully. You can boost your posts to people who already like your page or friends of your current fans but a far better way of reaching your key audience is to create a target.

You can choose
– Location – country or even town
– Age
– Gender
– Language
– Keywords – you can enter words that link directly to what you are offering

The more specific you are the smaller your audience will be BUT of course it’s better to target people who are likely to be interested in your business rather than going for a blanket approach.

A word about Instagram

Facebook owns Instagram so if you have an Instagram account you can link your Facebook ad and it will appear on Instagram too – a whole new audience! Definitely consider doing this.


The great news for small businesses is you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a good reach.

My advice is to start small even £5-£10 on an advert can have an effect.

See how it goes – if you are getting direct sales / bookings / great web traffic it’s money worth spending and you can perhaps up your budget.

I always set a lifetime budget on an ad so I know exactly what I am going to spend.

What to say?

As with all social media the key to a successful ad is a clear message and a strong image. Take time to craft your ad so that it engages the audience.

Video can work well too – Facebook offers a video ad service or you can create a slideshow of still images, these create good effects and in my experience get good reach.

Evaluate your ad

Use Insights to track the success of your ad – you’ll see actions, click throughs and reach and spend. Actions are things like comments, shares and likes. Clicks show traffic to external links you’ve included in your ad and reach is how many people have seen your ad. This ‘quiet’ audience is important for your brand building so consider this number too.

Trial and error

This sounds a bit ‘wishy washy’ but you really will have to play with your ads to get them right! Try different images and formats. Different times of the day or week – perhaps weekends get you a better reach or mid week?

I can’t tell you exactly what will be best for your business but I can tell you that setting a side a budget for Facebook advertising is something I advise all of my clients!

Happy advertising!!

Claire Fryer Instagram for business Tips

Claire Fryer has 17 years experience working with a host of businesses, including pharmaceutical, veterinary and automotive.

Claire has the knack of ensuring key messages are kept at the top of the list of priorities for any project – never getting lost in the minutiae.

With a flexible copywriting style, Claire produces creative web copy, social media content, press releases and marketing materials with clarity and ease.

A specialist in social media marketing and planning Claire provides invaluable support and training to her clients, ensuring social media works as hard as it can for them and their businesses.

“Claire is just a superstar! Her work is always exceptional and she does what she says she will, on time and to budget!“ Find out more about Claire over at www.onetothree.co.uk

Thank you as always for guest blogging for us Claire!

If you would like to contribute a post to our blog then please check out our “Write for Us” page.

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