/ November 2015

27Nov 2015

Entrepreneur Friday: Stacy Abke

Time for another Entrepreneur Friday. This week we have the lovely Stacy Abke from www.stacyabke.com.

Stacy has some awesome tips and advice in her interview!

Entrepreneur Friday Stacy Abke

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26Nov 2015

Jess’ Personal Blog – November 2015

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Happy November everyone!

This past month has been up and down. It started with me being a bit unmotivated and getting frustrated that I wasn’t getting enough done. Then I had our monthly mastermind meeting and the girls really helped.

One of the main things is my mindset. At the moment I just don’t have as much time as I used to. So I need to change my mindset and my expectations of myself. So I’m now trying to be more realistic with my planning. I’ve been feeling so much better since and as a result been getting more done as I haven’t been wasting as much time fretting!

Jess Personal Blog November 2015

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24Nov 2015

Janine’s Personal Blog – November Madness

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My personal blog for this month and all the shenanigans that November had to offer.  I said it last month and I shall say it again – I can’t believe it’s the end of November! And soon I will be able to get the Christmas decorations out and go nuts!!  So how was November?

Janine Personal Blog November 2015

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