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30Sep 2015

Jess’ Personal Blog September 2015

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Time for my September personal blog. This is going to be a quick update. I’m currently stuck with a baby, 2 cats and a crazy dog in a sea of boxes!

We moved on Monday and it was not fun. Babies and moving house do not mix. My wine consumption has increased this week… Anyway we are in now and I know we are going to be so happy in this house. We have lots of space and we are much closer to friends and family. The stress was all worth it.


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29Sep 2015

Janine’s Personal Blog – September Madness

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Here is my personal blog for this month and all the shenanigans that September had to offer.  There is something magical about the start of a new season, and that is how I embraced the start of the autumn.  This month has been all about an energy shift, a very positive one of huge proportions.

Janine's personal blog - September -  A shift in energy

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25Sep 2015

Entrepreneur Friday: Joanna Craig

Entrepreneur Friday is all about amazing business owners who share their journey – and we all have a journey.  This week, Joanna Craig, an amazing web designer and creative, shares her story of self employment.  Time for a cuppa…

Entrepreneur Friday Joanna Craig

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