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31Jul 2015

Jess’ Personal Blog July 2015

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This month has whizzed by! I can’t believe it’s already time for my personal blog. July has been a mixed month. We have been struggling BAD with teething. This in turn has majorly impacted nap times and therefore how much time I have had to get things done. So I’ve been trying to pick up the slack in the evenings or at the weekend. Teething sucks big time. Seeing your precious little bundle in pain is horrid! I’m hoping these first teeth pop through soon! It seems to be taking forever! If you want to see our latest Mama and Baby G update you can read my 6 Month Dear Guinevere letter.

Teething Funny

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28Jul 2015

Janine’s Personal Blog – July Madness

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So I have been a little out of sorts on my dates for my personal blog, my last one was May Madness. The intention is now for me to blog at the end of the month about the month just gone – clear as mud! So here goes, as I am out of sorts, 2 months rolled into one. My baby girl’s prom happened!

Kate Everall Photography - Janine's Personal Blog July 2015

My beautiful little girl – Abi

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24Jul 2015

Entrepreneur Friday: Lauren Callaghan

Happy Friday everyone! We have another awesome Entrepreneur Friday for you today. So grab yourself a drink and let’s hear from Lauren Callaghan of Sol + Co. (P.S. Definitely head over to their blog as they also have some great interviews on their Entrepreneur Empowerment series.)

Entrepreneur Friday Lauren Callaghan

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