09Oct 2015

15 Things You Can Do With A Spare Half Hour

I’ve always been productive. My friends call me the organisational queen. However since having Guinevere I’ve had to ramp up the productivity even more. I’ve become more of an expert at being productive in short bursts of time.

15 Things You Can Do With A Spare Half Hour

Pre-baby I’d set aside hour long slots or even half day slots to certain tasks. I can’t work like that now. With the exception of Friday (when my Mum has G and I get a few hours of focused work done) each day I generally have 1 hour in the morning and 1.5 hours (naptimes) in the afternoon to get some uninterrupted work done. The rest of the day I fit in tasks as and when I can. These short bursts of time range from 5-30 minutes. Most of us are programmed to run our day in hour slots. Pretty much every calendar/planner I have owned goes up in hourly increments. Same as google calendar, outlook etc.

At first I got frustrated with the fact I didn’t have these longer slots to get tasks done; overtime I’ve adapted. You get quicker. So when I do get those longer slots it’s incredible how much I get done. I swear I can get the same amount of stuff done in an hour now than what I used to get done in 3!

Anyway I thought it might be useful to make a list of a few things you could get done in 30 minutes for you and your business.

15 Things You Can Do With A Spare Half Hour

  1. Write a short blog post. Yes you can! I have a running list of potential blog topics so when I have some spare time I can just pick one and write.
  2. Schedule some Social Media posts. We use Hootsuite for FBH.
  3. Pitch guest posts or offer yourself up for interviews. Find some new blogs to contact for potential guest blogging opportunities and increase your network.
  4. Review your monthly/yearly goals.
  5. Create a few image quotes on Pic Monkey.
  6. Clean out your inbox(es). Delete, file, archive. Also unsubscribe to any emails you haven’t been reading.
  7. Send a card/gift to your clients. Saying thank you for their business and maybe even a little sweetener (10% off next bill) for any referrals they send.
  8. Update your Twitter/Instagram/Facebook bio. Can you make it any better?
  9. Is your LinkedIn profile up to date? Give it a freshen up.
  10. Find a new Podcast and head out on a walk and get some exercise whilst getting inspired.
  11. Are you like me and never have time to read? Well do it now! Preferably something inspirational.
  12. Tidy and organise your desk.
  13. Plan – I’m a big planner. Plan your week or the next day. I used to waste time each day thinking of the things I need to get done that day. If I’ve already got a plan then I can crack on as soon as I have that time.
  14. Create some template reply emails that you can quickly personalise whenever someone emails you. This isn’t for everyone but if you find yourself writing the same thing on a regular basis then maybe think about getting that into a template.
  15. Check your Google Analytics. How is your website performing?
  16. Write an email to send out to your list. It doesn’t have to be long. It could just be a quick message to let them know what you’ve been up to or a round up of your latest blog posts.
  17. Update and gather testimonials. Get some new ones on your website or ask for some recommendations on LinkedIn.
  18. Brainstorm a new product offering or freebie. Pen and paper ready….and go!

I’d love to hear your ideas of things you could get done in one of these shorter time slots. Let me know in the comments.

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